• Field Experiences: Overview

    All teacher candidates are required to participate in various field experiences which are a very important part of your professional development.  Teacher candidates will be working with experienced teachers and other staff members in local school systems. These experiences are intended to prepare our candidates for capstone experiences in their field through the Teacher Education Program - the internship.  All teacher candidates will work at one of our Professional Development Partnership Schools (PDSs). The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) requires that all teacher candidates have an extensive internship of 100 consecutive days at a PDS.

    The program is aligned with standards of certain professional organizations, the principles of the Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), the Unit's Conceptual Framework (PRIDE), standards of NCATE, the components of MSDE, and the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum (VSC).

    Click here to see photos of our student interns at Greenwood Elementary School

    Students will NOT be placed in any field experience, practicum or internship without the successful completion of a criminal background check. Criminal background checks require fingerprinting via the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. It will take between 4-6 weeks to get results back.  It is important that students schedule an appointment ASAP to avoid any delays in getting your placements. For more information about the background check, please contact Ms. Lewis in Hazel Hall Room 2026, at 410-621-1081, or at jlewis1@umes.edu.

    Fingerprints can be taken at the local MVA. The following link provides more information:





    •  Students will report to Ms. Rowena Bright in order to apply for internship placement. Her contact info is (410) 651-7958 or rabright@umes.edu.
    • Coordinators for the Teacher Education programs are Dr. Gretchen Foust and Dr. Patricia Goslee.
    •  Counselor Ed applications are due by November 1st for Fall Semester 
    •  Teacher Ed applications are due by November 5th for Fall Semester




    The Importance of Professional Development Schools

    The PDS initiative is an important one that is recognized by our national accrediting agency, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and mandated by our state program approval agency, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).  Each organization believes that PDS's are a valuable part of the preparation of future educators. 

    UMES' Professional Education Programs are accredited by NCATE and approved by MSDE.  we work to support the standards of both NCATE and MSDE as we prepare highly qualified educators.  Our PDS partnerships play a vital role by providing a challenging, structured and supportive environment for our candidates.  We value our work with our PDS partners!

    Our goal is to create and nurture a collaborative partnership that will improve teacher quality and impact positively on student learning.  Our focus is on preparing teachers with knowledge, skills and dispositions to teach all students.  Internships provide opportunities to view effective teacher models, professional conduct and on - site based research. 

    Field Experience Tools

    Field Placement Application

    Field Experiences Evaluation Form

    Field Experiences Timesheet