Professional Development Schools

  • Overview

    Professional Development Schools (PDS) have a critical role to play in improving student achievement as well as improving teacher quality. The PDS provides the best evidence that the collaborative model between the University and the Local Education Agencies (LEAS) have a dedicated and common goal of improving a basic component of our democratic ideals--that of a quality public education encompassing the PreK-12 strand. The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) has included the Lower Eastern Shore Counties (Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester) extensively in collaborating with us in our efforts to provide both our mentors and our observers with the opportunities that Professional Development Schools (PDS) offer for mentoring and support. Our Site-Coordinators serve as the liaison with the University, University Supervisors, and our interns/observers.

    In addition to this communication link we have an Advisory Committee consisting of the site-coordinators that meet regularly from each county and also a Coordinating Council that includes all the site-coordinators from all of the participating Local Education Agencies (LEAS). Both of these groups focus on improving the professional growth experiences of all of our interns and observers. These cooperative relationships between and among the educational communities make the professional experience truly a shared endeavor and an opportunity for all the educational communities to build better teacher education programs.

    The Importance of Professional Development Schools

    The PDS initiative is an important on e that is recognized by our national accrediting agency, The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), and mandated by our state program approval agency, the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Each organization believes that PDSs are valuable part of the preparation of future educators.

    UMES' Professional Education Programs are accredited by NCATE and approved by MSDE. We work to support the standards of both NCATE and MSDE as we prepare highly qualified educators. Our PDS Partnerships play a vital role by providing a challenging, structured and supportive environment for our candidates. We value our work with our PDS partners.

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    UMES Professional Development School Initiatives

    • Mentor training course to assist cooperating teachers in their supervision and mentoring of interns including the development of an electronic portfolio.
    • Action research project to analyze best practices.
    • Multi-site PDS planning with advisory and coordinating council groups.
    • Portfolio celebration for interns and PreK-20 faculty.
    • Orientation workshop for mentor teacher, interns, and University faculty.
    • Summer institute for strategic planning and professional development, highlighting best practices.