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      Sparsity Aware Adaptive Radar Sensor Imaging This projects studies adaptive radar sensor imaging under dispersive and multipath environments. This project is currently funded by the Department of Defense (DOD) through the Army Research Office (ARO) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR) under grant no W911NF-11-1-0160. The objectives of this project are to develop cognitive radar imaging algorithms using sparsity in the data structures (waveforms, antenna array configuration, target distribution) to improve target resolution and detectability. We collaborate with Illinois Institute of Technology for developing a radar testbed.

    Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Pipeline Structural Health Monitoring

    This project studies structural (including pipelines) defect detection and imaging using guided wave technologies. This project is currently funded by the NSF CMMI under award no. CMMI-1126008. It was also funded, through Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and Concurrent Technology Corporation (CTC) by the DOE's National Energy Technological Lab (NETL).

    Signal Processing for Event Detection for Energy-Aware Smart Facilities 

    This project develops machine learning and signal processing techniques to process large amount of data stream collected from various electric sensors in order to provide relevant and specific feedback targeted at reducing electric consumption. This project is currently funded, through Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and other industry companies, by the NSF Cyberphysical Systems (CPS) GOALI program.




    List of Past Projects


    Time Reversal Detection and Imaging in Electromagnetics

    This project studies time reversal technique for electromagnetic imaging and detection in multipath rich environments. Antenna system achieves high resolution and signal-to-noise ratio by exploiting rich multipath.


    BioMedical Imaging

    This project investigates time reversal technique for imaging and detection human breast cancer using low power electromagnetic radiation, as a complement to the existing X-ray mammography.


    Wireless Communications

    This project investigates ultra-wideband communication in dense multipath rich environments, for example, indoor office buildings, using time reversal techniques.


    Synthetic Aperture Radar

    This project investigates signal processing algorithms for synthetic aperture radar using time reversal techniques to achieve high resolution imaging.