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Statics Materials Lab

  • The Statics Materials laboratory, located in EASC building room 1027, can accommodate 20 students, the laboratory has been outfitted with Tinius Olsen, Dace Technologies and P.A. Hilton equipment’s including:

    FH 2 hardness testing instrument.
    Impact Tester.
    5ST shear strength testing.
    Materials Testing Machine. Tinius Olsen 300SL.
    Tinius Olsen  10k  in.lbf Torsion Tester.
    300kN / 60k lbf Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine
    HSM32 Thick cylinder Apparatus
    HSM33 Thin cylinder
    HSM18 Electrical resistance strain gauge
    HFC26A inclined plane and friction.
    TecQuipment’s Thin Cylinder apparatus SM1007.
    TecQuipment’s the Beam Apparatus SM1004.
    TecQuipment’s Centrifugal Force TM1005.
    TecQuipment’s  Strain Gauge Trainer SM1009.
    Dace Technologies PICO 155P precision cutter.
    Dace Technologies TP-7001B Mounting Press
    Dace Technologies MEGA-M250 SAW.
    Dace Technologies NANO 2000T  grinding/ polishing machine. 
    IM-5000 inverted metallurgical microscope.
    The Instron 8802 (250 kN) Fatigue Testing System.
    HFC31 Combined shear force and Moments
    HSMi Deflection of Beams
    FH9 Brinell testing machine
    Rockwell and Universal Hardness Testing Machine.

                             Stat Lab                        Static lab 3

                                                                                                    Static lab 4