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Students Projects

  • ENGE 260  Student Project CAMELBACK TRUSS BRIDGE


    Students Senior Design Project Payload Delivery Quadcopter

            The design of a quadcopter for payload delivery packages was designed and constructed by UMES engineering students Adam Haj (engineering, concentration mechanical), David Salmeron (engineering, concentration mechanical) and Andrew Barth (engineering, concentration aerospace).Under supervision of Dr. Payam Matin. The project is in the second phase of the yearlong senior design class. The drone is officially registered with the Federal Aviation Administration due to its weight and for legal purposes. The video shown is FA3CRHPT9E (quadcopter) first’s flight in a controlled environment. As the semester progress, the goal of the engineering team is to make the quadcopter more stable and mission ready to beta test delivering packages. 

     The Adept Cobra™ s350 SCARA Robot to Pick and Place a Target Project

    This Project done by student Habilou Ouro-Koura,  programming  The Adept Cobra™ s350 SCARA robot to pick and place a target using  the Adept SmartController™ motion controller , Adept Smart Vision MX,  AdeptSight, Schunk Pneumatic  Gripper and Blister camera.

    Students research, design, integrate, and demonstrate an unmanned aerial system capable of autonomous flight and navigation, remote imaging and communication, and execution of a specific set of tasks including Sense, Detect and Avoid of stationary and moving obstacles.