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Aerospace Lab 1014

  • The Aerospace Engineering laboratory, located in EASC building room 1014, can accommodate 20 students. The laboratory has been outfitted with AEROLAB Educational Wind Tunnel, it has Performance Specifications:
     Airspeed Range – 10 mph (4.5 m/s) to 145+ mph (65 + m/s).
    Turbulence Level – less than 0.2% 
    .Reynolds Number (per foot) – 1.4 x 10^6 /foot.

    Armfield Wind Tunnel:
    The C15-10 is a small wind tunnel designed for bench top operation, with a square, transparent working section and a variable-speed fan for wind speed control. The operating range is nominally 0 – 32 m/s with no model installed in the working section. The maximum velocity achievable will vary with the type of model installed and depends on the blockage created by the model . The tunnel is designed with an inlet flow straightener and contraction ratio to give well developed air flow through the working section.

                                                    Wind Tunnel                     Wind Tunnel C15