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CHEM 111 Chemistry I or BIOL 111

  • CHEM 111 Chemistry I

    This course deals with the basic concepts in chemistry (the study of the changes in matter and energy).  The student learns logical problem-solving skills, including strategies to attack complicated problems by using a step-by-step procedure.  The concepts studied in this course include density, basic atomic and molecular theory, chemical nomenclature, reaction stoichiometry, and the gas laws. The course is intended for science majors. 

     Prerequisite:  High School Chemistry or CHEM 101. 

     Co-requisite MATH 109.  CHEM 113/113H or consent of instructor.

    BIOL 111 Biology I

    This course is an introduction to the basic concepts of biology, with emphasis on molecular, cellular and genetic concepts related to living organisms. Basic concepts are considered, and major topics deal with (1) organization of cells and the molecular basis of life, (2) energetics and metabolism, (3) cell growth and reproduction, and (4) genetics. This course is for Natural Sciences majors and others in the related sciences.  This course is comprised of three hours per week and one-hour discussion for the Honors section only.

    Prerequisite:  High School Biology  or BIOL 101. 

    Co- requisite  MATH 109.  BIOL 113/113H or consent of instructor.