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CHEM 113 Chemistry I Lab - BIOL 103 Biology Lab

  • CHEM 113  Chemistry I Lab

    This course is the laboratory companion to CHEM 111/111H.  It is designed to deepen the students’ understanding of topics discussed in the lecture, increase their skill with common laboratory equipment, and indoctrinate them in proper chemical safety practices.  The students will learn to perform a valid experiment in a safe manner, to observe and record any data acquired, and interpret the data using various equations and graphs.  Laboratory skills such as filtration, titration, and the accurate measurement of masses and volumes will be developed. The lab period will be a three-hour session. 

    Prerequisite or Co-requisite CHEM 111/111H  or consent of instructor.  

    Laboratory Fee:  $25.00

     BIOL 103 Biology Lab

    This laboratory course is designed to accompany BIOL 111/111H and to reinforce the basic biological concepts of cellular biology, molecular biology, and Mendelian and molecular genetics discussed in the corresponding lecture. Supervised laboratory sessions enhance the student’s skills in experimental manipulation, data collection, data interpretation and analysis, and data presentation in an effort to stimulate logical thinking and scientific reasoning.

    Prerequisite or Co-requisite BIOL 111/111H  or consent of instructor.

    Laboratory Fee:  $25.00