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Signal - Image Lab

  • The Signal / Image    laboratory, located in EASC building room 2054 can accommodate 16 students with two per station. Has  been outfitted with five National Instruments  NI PXIe 8135 , Xena – T2SL Camera, FLIR T650sc Camera, Sensors Unlimited  Camera KT/H, Xilinx Spartan 3  xc3s1000,  34450A Digital Multimeter and eight  HP EliteDesk Desktop.

    Xena – T2SL Camera:
    The thermo-electrically cooled infrared camera features T2SL infrared detection technology and delivers superb performance in the 1.0 to 2.35 um wavelength region for hyperspectral imaging or laser beam analysis. SWIR imaging in the shortwave-infrared spectrum (SWIR) at wavelengths up to 2.35 um is of special interest for hyperspectral imaging or laser beam analysis. Hyperspectral imaging in the SWIR range opens a wealth of new sensing applications for measuring environmental parameters, 

    FLIR T650sc Camera:
    The T650sc infrared camera offers thermal and visual imagery, excellent spot size resolution, and reliable temperature measurement accuracy. Technicians, engineers, and scientists will appreciate features such as a built-in digital camera, voice annotation, laser target locator,  and much more. The tiltable IR unit gives you great flexibility and allows you to conduct your experiments fast and in a comfortable position.

                                                                                                                    Image Lab