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About the Library and Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement

    The Frederick Douglass Library functions as a viable component of the University's academic program through an organized structure which embraces Public and Technical Services.  There are nine closely interrelated departments which render academic support services to students who engage in undergraduate and graduate study, continuing education and research, and also to faculty who employ both traditional and innovative methodology in the teaching-learning process and research of the university.  Rendering service to the entire university community in support of teaching, research and service is the primary purpose of the library.

    About the Library

    Frederick Douglass Library built in 1968 was named for the self-educated abolitionist, orator and author who was born on the Eastern Shore. This three-story facility houses a multiplicity of print and non-print resources to support the mission and academic programs of the university. In 1991, through renovation efforts, the library doubled in size to 61,000 square feet. The collection includes over 211,000 volumes. As a member of USMAI (University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions) consortium, the library is affiliated with the University's thirteen campuses and seventeen libraries for the purpose of sharing library resources. The integrated, comprehensive library system, ALEPH makes it possible for our patrons to have 24/7 access to USMAI library collections and electronic resources. These collections and resources include the library catalog and over 120 research databases often including full text journals, books and newspapers.

    The Library provides instruction sessions to enhance students’ research skills. Library instruction sessions are tailored to the needs of class to assist students and may range from an overview of basic library resources to the use of advance or subject research materials and techniques. The library also offers a one-credit online Information Literacy course taught by the Reference Department Faculty.