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Electronic Reserve Policies

  • The library follows the rules of Fair Use as determined by  Title 17 section 107  of the US Code. Only items covered under Fair Use or accompanied with copyright permission will be placed on reserve. The following guidelines will be followed by library personnel in determining Fair Use and are based upon guidelines from other academic libraries and relevant literature.

    Items that may be placed on reserve include:

    • A chapter from a book
    • An article from a journal
    • A short poem, essay, or story from a collected work
    • An excerpt of not more than 10% of a substantial work

    To place items on reserve the professor, library or department must own a lawfully obtained copy of the work (book, journal, conference report, etc).

    Access to items on reserve will be restricted to students enrolled in the course for which the items are placed. Items will be password protected. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to give the password to students. The library will not give out passwords under any circumstances and students will be referred to the appropriate professor.

    Electronic and copied articles will remain on reserve for one academic term. If the material is needed for additional terms then copyright permission will need to be obtained. The library does not pay for copyright permissions but is willing to assist in obtaining them.

    Note to Faculty: While these standards do not serve as a catchall for Fair Use, these guidelines will be adhered to. If the library staff believes a request goes beyond Fair Use limits but meets these standards, the item will not be placed on reserve. If you have an item that you believe falls under Fair Use but does not meet these guidelines please see the Access Services Librarian.

    Submitting Materials

    • Materials to be placed on electronic reserve must be submitted 5 days before intended use.
    • Photocopies must be the best possible clear copy, single sided, on 8.5 x 11 white paper.
    • A copy of the item’s copyright page must accompany any photocopies.
    • All submissions must include the reserve submission form ( web form  or  printed form ).
    • Submissions must be in compliance with copyright law.

    updated 11/12/2009