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Library Code of Conduct

  • The Library Code of Conduct has been established to provide an environment conducive to study and research for the entire University of Maryland Eastern Shore Community.  Therefore, we ask your cooperation and support with the following library rules:

    1. Loud disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.  Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, loud talking,  shouting, and running.  The Library includes stairwells, study rooms, and the lobby, as well as regular stack and seating areas.

    2. Theft or damage of library property is prohibited.

    3. There is no eating or drinking in the library.  Water in clear containers is permitted; however, it is prohibited in the print collections, the research labs, the library classroom, and/or around any library computers including laptops.

    4. No smoking in any part of the building including the lobby and restrooms.

    5. No tampering with library computers!  The computers in the library are for research. 

    6. No patrons are permitted behind the library service desks.   Reaching across the service desks is also not permitted.

    7. Use of library telephones is prohibited.  There is a pay phone available in the lobby.

    8. Cell phones and radios are not permitted in the library!  Cell phones may be used quietly in the stairwells, the restrooms, or in the lobby before entering the library.

    9. Bicycles are not permitted in the library.

    Thank you for your cooperation. 

    If we all observe these few simple rules, conducting research and studying at the library should be a pleasurable experience for everyone.