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FRS Accounting System Users Manual

  • System

    The System

    The FRS User Manual is an introduction to the Information Associates Financial Reporting System (FRS). Users will appreciate the vast capabilities and flexibility provided by this state of the art system. The systems report writing capabilities allow users to design customized reports tailored to their needs; while on-line, real-time processing provides up-to-date information.
    While this is the most flexible off-the-shelf system available to higher education today, it does not have unlimited flexibility. There may be times when the system cannot meet your specific requirements. In those instances, keep in mind that the University could have spent a great deal more money developing an in-house system and still failed to meet those requirements. Any system is a compromise between what is affordable and what is required.


    The Manual

    This manual is provided to assist you in understanding the FRS and in learning how to use the capabilities and flexibility available. We have attempted to make the manual user friendly by addressing specific questions you might have. Chapters are, therefore, organized in that manner. The manual provides information about the operation and use of the system and may be used as a training manual for new employees or as an operation manual for existing employees. The purpose of the manual is to provide specific instructional information about the following:


    • Using the interactive capabilities of the system.
    • Establishing FRS accounts.
    • Utilizing the systems attribute capability.
    • The automatic updating features of the system.
    • University fund groups, account structures, subcodes and account controls.
    • System encumbering features.
    • System budgeting features and options.
    • System interactive journal entry capability.
    • System security requirements.
    • System on-line screens and reports.


    How Do I Communicate With the FRS System?

    Interactive Communication

    Communicating with the Financial Reporting System (FRS) has suddenly become much easier. All one needs to do is turn on their personal computer or terminal. This assumes, of course, that you made previous arrangements with Information Systems.

    Access to the FRS is also controlled by security. Basically, access is limited to a demonstrated need for information or input capability. If you wish to access FRS or modify your access capabilities, a FRS Access Form must be completed and submitted to FRS Management. A copy of the access form is included at the end of this chapter. Additional information and the application form are available in FRS Management.


    Non-Interactive Communication

    What about those of us that don't have a computer or do not wish to have interactive access?


    Two-Way Communication

    What types of communication are available? Communication with FRS involves both output and input. Output communication is generally limited to inquiry about those accounts for which you have responsibility. Output communication may be in the form of computer screens or printed reports. Information reported by the system ranges from input results to summary level reporting of financial status. Input communication is generally accomplished through computer screens but may also be accomplished by completing and submitting printed forms. Information input to FRS ranges from report requests to Journal Entries that change account balances.

    The remainder of the FRS operating manual will discuss in greater detail communication capabilities and requirements.

    Financials Records System Access Application