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Admissions Process

  • Admissions Process and Checklist

    A. General: Applicants are advised to carefully follow instructions. Incom­plete applications (insufficient information or omissions) will delay and may end the admissions review process. (Note: Some programs may have a supplemental information form or another checklist to be completed and submitted with the application.)

    The Graduate School forwards all materials received to the appropriate Graduate Program Coordinator to start the application review process by the program's Admissions Committee. Applicants should arrange to have all application materials requested to arrive around the same time period in order to facilitate, rather than delay, the admissions review process. The Graduate School and the Graduate Program involved jointly track the application materials received and processed. Ap­plicants are solely responsible for making certain that their tran­scripts, evalua­tion/recom­mendation forms and letters, and any applicable appli­cation at­tach­ment forms have been received. No follow-up action can be taken by the UMES Graduate School for missing or misdi­rected transcripts, evaluation/recommendation forms and accompanying letters or other application at­tach­ment forms.

    B. Send to the Graduate School:

    1. A completed and signed appli­cation for degree program form (typed or legible ball­point pen) if submitting a print form: All sec­tions completed in full. Deliberate omission, misrepresentation or falsi­fication of in­for­mation on this form (or the on-line application) and accompanying application forms, and altered or fraudulent academic credentials will termi­nate the admis­sion process for the applicant. If any of these prob­lems sur­face after the applicant has been admitted, that stud­ent's admis­sion status is termi­nated.

    2. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 (Master's and Doctoral) [subject to change]:Include your full name and social security number (if you have one) on the front of your check or money order, made payable to The University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Do not send cash in the mail. Funds must be drawn on a U.S. bank or a money order paid in U.S. dollars.  UMES is unable to accept checks or money orders payable in a foreign currency. Payment of the fee in cash may be done only in person at the Graduate School office. The Graduate office is the only campus office, which may accept the application fee regardless of how it is paid.  The exception is the on-line application, which may be paid by credit card.

    An application fee is not re­quired if you were previous­ly ad­mit­ted and registered as a grad­uate student at UMES; if you are a UMES senior or graduate with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better; if you are a senior or a graduate of an accredited U.S. col­lege or university, with a cumulative grade-point average of 3.75 or bet­ter; or if you are a designated McNair Scholar. These are the only waivers of the application fee, and they are subject to verification.

    The application fee is not applicable to any other university fee or bill.

    No application will be processed without the application fee or an approved waiver (see preceding paragraph). If the application fee is not received with­in sixty (60) days of receipt of the application and accom­panying forms, the application will be voided. 

    3. Academic Credentials: Have two sets sent directly to the Graduate School of official academic transcripts of all credits earned or work-in-progress at each undergraduate and graduate institution you have attended/are attending, regardless of whether a degree was awarded for the study. Official (original) tran­scripts have the institutional seal and registrar's signature, and are sent in envelopes, sealed and stamped by the issuing institution. Although photocopies of credentials or unoffi­cial (student issued) transcript copies are acceptable for initial review, regular admission status cannot be granted, nor will any de­gree be awarded, until the UMES Grad­uate School has received official, certified copies of all academic credentials, including verification of d­egree(s), diploma(s) or certifi­cate(s) conferred.

    4. Standardized test scores: Although some graduate programs at UMES do not require submission of recent scores of standardized examinations such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Miller Analo­gies Test (MAT), or the PRAXIS, almost all will use such test scores as an additional measure of an applicant's qualifications. See the Graduate Program Directory on the Graduate School's Prospective Students webpage or contact the pro­gram to which you are applying to determine if one of these examina­tions is re­quired and the range(s) of an acceptable score(s). Offi­cial exami­na­tion scores should be sent directly to the Gradu­ate School unless the program receives them (the Education Department receives PRAXIS scores). Photocopies of test score results are acceptable for initial review, but not for Regular Admission status should the test score(s) be required by the program.

    The UMES institutional code for the GRE is 5400. The GRE may be taken in either or both of two forms: The General Test; and the Subject Test. Applicants can take the test(s) in their senior year or when filing for admission. Applicants should note that the GRE testing program will undergo a major revision by October 2006.

    5. Evalu­ation/Recommendation Form: Three evaluation/recommendation forms are re­quired from per­sons who can assess the qual­ity of your aca­demic performance, scholastic poten­tial and prob­able success in graduate school. These may be professors, supervisors or profes­sionals with whom you stud­ied or worked. Have your refer­ences return these forms and any attached support letters in sealed enve­lopes to the Gradu­ate School.

    6. Statement of Purpose, Academic Goals and Research Interests Form: Provide your goals for pur­suing grad­uate study at UMES, your academ­ic/career objectives, work-related expe­riences or research in­terests which are directly relevant to the intended program of study. This open-ended essay allows an ap­plicant to provide further evidence of potential success as a graduate student that may not be expressly stated in the other application materials.  

    7. Specific Program Requirements: Contact the program to which you are applying for information about any additional admission requirements.

    8. MarylandIn-State or Residency Form: To be completed by U.S. citizens, permanent residents and quali­fied non-immigrant visa holders employed in Maryland (e.g., H-1), who are seeking to be classi­fied as a Mary­land resi­dent for tui­tion and charge-differen­tial purposes (see Board of Regents policy on the Graduate School's Prospective Students webpage which outlines elig­ibility require­ments for residency).   A copy of the alien resident card or issued visa must be provided.

    9. Certification of Finances Form: International Applicants only.

    10. Resume: In outline format of no more than two pages, summarize, highlight or elaborate on your aca­demic study, work experience, dis­tinctions or activities, which may  not otherwise be requested or pre­sented in the application package.

    Calculation of Grade Point Average (GPA)

    Applicants with degrees from U.S. institutions or foreign institutions with a grading system comparable to UMES must be certain to calculate and convert their grade averages to a four-point (4.0) grad­ing system, and at three levels, for credits included in the baccalaureate program, unless their tran­scripts already provide the GPA calculated data. See the degree seeking application instruction sheet on the Graduate School's Prospective Student webpage for specif­ics on the calcu­la­tion. The World Educational Services (WES) will deter­mine an equiva­lent cumula­tive GPA for foreign ap­plicants with edu­cational systems different from the U.S.


    Admission Process (Non-degree seeking)

    Advanced Special or Visiting Graduate Status should complete the Graduate Applica­tion (checking the Non-Degree or Visiting Graduate Status option) and pay the appli­cation fee of $45.00 (READ subsection B. 2. for IMPORTANT in­formation governing this fee), read, sign and submit at least 15 days before the start of a new term. Official tran­scri­pts should be sent to the School of Graduate Studies. Evaluation/recommendation forms are not required. No other forms or informa­tion will be needed unless the appli­cant will be satisfy­ing item B.1.c. or B.1.d. of the crite­ria for admis­sion to Ad­vanced Special status, or is an in­ter­na­tional applicant. Those seek­ing Maryland In-State Status for tuition purposes complete the Maryland Residency form. Visiting graduate students should refer to subsection B.2. under "Cat­egories of Admission", for the option on tran­scripts.