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    • UMES 2012 Graduate Research Symposium Outcomes

    The UMES Graduate School’s 2012 Regional Symposium was a success, thanks to faculty, staff and students who played key roles in its implementation. A combined total of 68 abstracts and papers from various disciplines were presented in oral and poster sessions.

    Entries were competitively judged and awards presented:

    Graduate Students

    Poster Session


    • 1st Place– Heather Wolfer, Summit, N.J.—natural sciences; Physiological effects of sublethal hypoxia on Atlantic croaker, Micropogonias undulatus, in Chesapeake Bay
    • 2nd Place – Mary Layshock, Salisbury, Md. –physical therapy; Balance Confidence and Functional Mobility among Pulmonary Rehabilitation Participants

    Oral Session

    • 1st Place- Mathew Balish, Salisbury, Md.—pharmacy; Quarternized trifluorpromazine derivative: N-(4-chlorobenzyl)-N, N-dimethyl-2-(2-(trifluoromethyl)-10H-pehnothiazin-10-yl) ethanaminium chloride as a Novel Inhibitor of Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 Replication in Cultured Corneal Cells
    • 2nd Place - Luke Lee, St. Catherine, Jamaica—agriculture; food and resource sciences Evaluation of Trichoderma, Vesicular-Arbuscular Mychorrizae, and Azospirillum on Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper Growth and Development


    Poster Session

    • 1st Place – Chanel Wright, Elkridge, Md.—business management and accounting; Brand Preference, Ethnicity And Maturity Of The Needs And Wants Of The Clothing Retail Brand.
    • 2nd Place – Ari Dinbanimibofa, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria – engineering technology; Biodiesel from Waste Vegetable Oil and Soap Synthesis using Glycerin and Essential Oils

    Oral Session

    • 1st Place– Genevieve Warmann, Gwynn Oak, Md.—natural sciences; Metabolic dysfunction associated with adiponectin deficiency enhances kainic acid-induced seizure severity
    • 2nd Place – Priscilla Ahiakonu, Germantown, Md.—agricultural and natural sciences; Validating Anopheles gambiae ovary and testis proteome using high-resolution Fourier transform mass spectrometer


    • Poster Session – Michael Rabel, PT, MPT, DSc, OCS—physical therapy
      Muscle Timing and Activation During Two Common Exercises: An Electromyographic Analysis
    • Oral Session– Victoria Volkis, Ph.D.—agricultural and natural sciences
      Biocompatible Polymeric Materials with New Applications

    This year’s faculty excellence awards were presented to:

    • Dr. Raymond Blakely (The Joseph M. Okoh Award for Excellence)
    • Dr. Dia-Eldin A. Elnaiem (Outstanding Scholar)
    • Dr. Salina Parveen (Outstanding Mentor)
    • Dr. Tao Gong (Outstanding Mentor).

    A symposium highlight was the participation of Salisbury Middle School, whose students, Adith Thummalapalli and Areej Shahid, presented findings from their project, “Pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.” Dr. Jennifer Keane-Dawes, dean of UMES’ graduate school, said symposium participants who heard the students were complimentary of their work and presentation.

    The event’s plenary speaker was Dr. Benjamin Cuker, a research scientist at Hampton University. He outlined the successful impact of several programs on recruiting and retaining minority graduate and undergraduate programs.

    Dr. Orlando Taylor, President of the Chicago School of Psychology (DC Campus) was the luncheon speaker and emphasized the importance of strengthening the interdisciplinary approach to graduate and undergraduate education.

    After lunch, UMES Drama Society students, under the direction of Dr. Della Dameron-Johnson, performed excerpts from their 2012 musical revue,  “Do You Remember!,” underscoring Taylor’s message of  about the interdisciplinary focus of the day’s activities.

    Alex Watts, a representative from IBM, began preliminary talks with the Graduate School to collaborate on USDA grant opportunities to raise funds for the UMES Department of Agriculture.

    The 2013 Research Symposium is scheduled for late April.


    PRINCESS ANNE (Sept. 14, 2010) Twenty-three University of Maryland Eastern Shore students received their doctor of physical therapy degrees recently during a graduation ceremony held in conjunction with the annual Founders Week convocation.

    Dr. C. Dennis Ignasias 1939 2010 PRINCESS ANNE, MD (July 19, 2010) The University of Maryland Eastern Shore campus community is in mourning for C. Dennis Ignasias, a long time administrator who died this past weekend. He was

    In honor of her late parents, Apsara Hettiarachchi donated $1,000 to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore that will be awarded to a high-achieving student in the Department of Natural Sciences during the university s Honors Convocation on April 1.

    When Perdue's Quality Improvement Manager Shaun McKenzie who had been searching for a Ph.D. program in Food Science discovered that there was one being offered at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, he was in disbelief. "Wow!" he said. This is right down the street from me!

    PRINCESS ANNE, MD-July 14, 2010-The first of its kind in the nation, a Professional Science Master s Degree in quantitative fisheries and resource economics will be offered at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore this fall in collaboration with state and federal agencies, especially the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA NMFS).

    As a little girl in Mashad, a town in her native Iran, Maryam Taabodi was a picky eater searching her food to find and eat only those things she felt had nutritional value. Now a grown woman, she has escalated this search to researching for findings of a