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Lombuso S. Khoza, Ph.D.

    Professor & FIT Liaison  
    Department of Human Ecology 
    Email:  lskhoza@umes.edu
    Phone: 410-651-8385


    • Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development, Southern Illinois University.
    • M.S. in Textile Management, University of Leeds.
    • B.S. in General Home Economics, University of Maryland Eastern Shore.


    • Globalization impact on Africa’s textile and apparel industries
    • Cultural meaning and symbolism in traditional dress
    • Fashion’s effect on traditional dress
    • Cross-cultural learning styles

    Professional Experience:

    • Associate Professor, Department of Human Ecology, University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 2007-present
    • Assistant Professor, Washington State University. 2003-2007
    • Lecturer, Department of Home Economics, University of Swaziland. 1995-1998

    Select Refereed Publications:

    • Gitimu, P., Khoza, L., & Otieno, G. (2011). Global Textile Awareness between Students in East Africa and the United States. (Volume 11, No. 2 pp. 128-135)). The African Symposium: An online journal of the African Educational Research Network.

    • Khoza, L. S. (2011). The String That Binds: An Analysis of Gender Symbolism of Swazi Infant Dress. Paideusis: Journal of Interdisciplinary and Cross Cultural Studies.

    • Khoza, L. S. (2010). Dress and Fashion in Swaziland: Continuity and Change. In Eicher, J. B. & Ross, D. H. (Eds.), Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion. Oxford, UK: Berg (pp.540-545). (Chapter in book - blind peer reviewed).

    Refereed Research Presentations:

    • Bennett, N., Brooks, J. E., Clinton, B. E., & Khoza, L. S. (March 13-15, 2014). “Engaging Undergraduate Students in Research and Service Learning. HBCU Summit on Retention, Ocean City, MD.

    • Khoza, L. S. (October 26, 2013). “Aesthetics and Sustainability in Symbolism of Costume – A Married Swazi Woman’s Traditional Attire.” Poster presentation at the 2013 International Costume Conference. Hosted by The Korean Society of Costume, Seoul, South Korea Proceedings

    • Summer 2013. Accepted special topics proposal, “Introducing the ITAA Teaching Collection: Sharing and Using Best Teaching Practices,” ITAA Executive Council for the 2012 annual conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.


    September 2010

    1890 Institution Teaching and Research Capacity Building Grant - Title: Enhancing Undergraduate research and Experiential Learning: Co-investigators: with Nina Lyon-Bennett, Thessalenuere Hinnant-Bernard and Bridgett Clinton $148,892

    Summer 2010

    Center for International Education – University of Maryland Eastern Shore Global course development award Title: Social Psychological aspects of Multicultural Dress $2300

    Spring 2009

    Center for International Education Grant – University of Maryland Eastern Shore Title: A South African international experience to prepare competitive fashion merchandising graduates: $4980 

    Spring 2008

    1890 Institution Teaching and Research Capacity Building Grant - Title: Enhancing New Fashion Merchandising Faculty Expertise for Quality Curriculum Development: $50,000. Co-investigators: Lombuso S. Khoza and Bridgett Clinton (University of Maryland Eastern Shore)

    Selected Professional Organizations:

    • International Textile and Apparel Association 02/00 - present
    • American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences 05/00 - present
    • Kappa Delta Pi, Delta Chi Chapter 5/5/10 – present
    • Kappa Omicron Nu Chapter 2009 – present
    • Rotary International 1987 - present