Student Figure Model

  •  Fine Arts Department 

     Fall, 2016 

     Hours: Up to 20 hours


    • Pose for fine arts studio classes: Anatomy for Artists, Drawing, occasionally, painting and other courses.

    • Be able to provide a full range of traditional life drawing poses, from gestures to sustained poses, as required by tradition and the instructor.

    • Demonstrate the flexibility and animation of the human form.

    • Provide traditional gestures and poses as well as anatomical studies.

    • The model poses without clothing in most instances.

    • Ability to demonstrated understanding of the rules and decorum of modeling for art classes.


    • Be physically able to provide a full range of body gestures and poses, from quick gestures to long, sustained poses.

    • Be able to hold sustained poses without moving.


    Work schedule will be determined by the supervisor and as suits the needs of the various classes in the Department of Fine Art.