PHR (Payroll Human Resources) System Instructions

  • Use this system for Timesheets, Viewing and Printing Personal Data


    1. Go to the website  Once you are at this website click on the appropriate category for your status. Once the next screen opens, you will see a sentence about midway of the statement that states "START HERE". Click on that statement.

    2. The next screen that you will see is called the "Identity Verification" screen.  On this screen you will need to enter the last five digits of your social security number, your date of birth and your last name.  Click "NEXT".

    3. The next screen that you will see is called the "ID Setup" screen. This screen will have a gray box on it that says USE--(this will be you directory ID).  Write this ID down because you will need this to log in later.  PHR Logon: ________________________ Click on the gray box USE---.  The next screen that you will see is another "ID Setup" screen.  Type "YES" in the empty box that is on that page. After you have typed "YES" in the box, click on the gray box that says "ACCEPT". After you click yes in step #3, look towards the top of the next screen and you will see information confirming your ID and a link will be available for you to click on to set up your password. Once you click on this link, you will be able to set up your password based on the guidelines on the password page.  PHR Password:______________________________

    4.  The next screen after that will give you three security questions which you need to answer.  Please note your answers in the event you forget your password.

    5. After you have completed the password setup, logon to the website http:/ to access your Payroll Human Resources data. Supervisors will need to click on the "approve Time Records" link to access timesheets to approve for their employees.