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High School Units

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    Connecting a student’s daily life to classroom content creates relevance. Developing labs, activities and projects that relate directly to  a student’s experiences will better engage that student in the learning process. In 2007 USDA funded a Capacity Building Project for the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The purpose of the project was develop engaging, hands-on instructional units that incorporated agricultural concepts and applications into high school science and family and consumer science curricula to broaden students’ awareness of the extensive nature and diversity of the food and agricultural sciences. The project brought together a curriculum development team: high school instructors, college instructors, a curriculum specialist, and an instructional technology specialist.   Instructional units were designed to address teaching objectives in the state of Maryland, but many of these objectives are applicable across science curricula. Use the menu system to access full instructional units in the following areas.


    • Drinking Water Quality
    • Interactions of Species and Organisms within their Environment
    • Genetics and Food Safety
    • Health of the Chesapeake Bay
    • Library of images for teaching about fibers and fabrics