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Why Give?

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    Together, people build great communities.  

    By providing a high quality education, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore continues to develop citizens who contribute to the prosperity of our state and our nation.  

    An investment in UMES and its students is an investment in your community.



    Consider how UMES is making a difference in the lives of our students and our larger community:  


    "I am honored to be a recipient of a UMES scholarship.  Your generous support is helping me to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a proud Hotel and Restaurant Management Major!  Go HAWKS!"  Justin Martin, SGA President, Class of 2014

    "Thank you, generous donors, for giving me and many other students the gift of a brighter future.  I will never forget all of the many donors who changed my life, and I will never forget to give back to the community that gave me so much.  I will forever be a UMES Hawk."  SoJin Park, Class of 2015

    "I care about UMES because it has allowed me to grow and advance as a student and as a professional.  Being at UMES has given me the opportunity to obtain internships and be active in an environment that has been like a second home to me."  Shanyce Rovon Stewart, Class of 2014

    "I decided to come to UMES not only for learning experiences, but for personal growth.  Being from the Pacific Northwest, I felt the need to uproot myself and broaden my horizons.  I've noticed that being in college has forced me to mature and act responsibly regarding my actions.  Now, as a Junior, I am more confident in how I carry myself as a person whether it's in the classroom or among my peers."  Alexandra Uduk, Class of 2014

    "Thank you for the opportunity to be GREAT!!!  Donors would be delighted to know that my grades have improved and I am proud to say that I will be a UMES Graduate in May!"  Porsha Harvey, Miss UMES, Class of 2014

    "Donors lightened my financial burden and allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, which was learning.  The generosity you have shown has inspired me to be my best at all times, to help others and give back to the community." Lauren Ritter, Class of 2013

     "The Scholarship was a great opportunity to assist me in receiving my education.  I used the funds towards books and tuition.  I truly appreciate UMES!"  Terencia Crump, Class of 2014 

      "Thank you to all of the supporters of UMES.  While aiming for success as an undergrad, I plan to give back to my Alma Mater once I graduate."  Justin Matthews, Class of 2016

      "Before I came here, I believed that aspirations were an obscure luxury reserved for those with the ability to afford them.  Luckily, I have you to thank for helping me find out that dreams are not only accessible, but also necessary for human existence."  Lance Morris, Class of 2018

    Division of Institutional Advancement, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne, MD 21853, 410-651-6676,