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2018 Keynote Speaker

  • Keynote Speaker


    KDunston HShot         

    Everything I Ever Wanted to Know About Assessment, I Learned From Reality Cooking Shows
    A Master Chef Assessment Allegory


    Reality cooking shows, like assessment plans, need to balance the evaluation of discrete skills, project-based applications, and the synthesis of critical thinking skills and knowledge.  Reality cooking shows don't base every episode on the contestant's ability to scramble an egg! To be innovative, we should not fill our program assessment plans with easy to evaluate, simple, foundational tasks.   In this interactive workshop, participants will deconstruct an episode of Master Chef to identify program goals, program objectives, course outcomes and criteria for evaluative rubrics.  Whether you are a veteran evaluator or new to assessment, getting the 'lingo' down can be daunting. This exercise allows for productive discussion as to what each assessment term means - and how it is used to build a diversity of assessments to improve student learning. This workshop is intended to foster faculty dialogue of evaluator as expert; student self-evaluation and peer evaluation; and product vs. process as valuable parts of innovative academic assessment.

    Krishna Dunston is Director of Outcomes Assessment at Delaware County Community College, integrating course, program and general education assessments into meaningful information for faculty and academic leadership.  Previously, she served as Assistant Provost at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she oversaw the assessment of student learning for a wide variety of creative disciplines.  Krishna is a strong advocate for authentic assessment, creative rubric building and the integration of discipline language into assessment practices.  She has presented at the Assessment at the Arts Conference in Denver, Colorado; the Assessment Conference at Texas A&M; and perennially at the Regional Assessment Conference at Drexel University. She is an enthusiastic member of the Philadelphia Higher Education Assessment Leaders (PHEAL) out of Drexel University.