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International Development Programs

  • Making a definite impact in today's world!


    The Mission of the Office of International Development Programs is to facilitate campus-wide internationalization of research, teaching, and outreach activities to promote cross-cultural knowledge and understanding among students, faculty, and staff.


    The Goals of the Office of International Development Programs are to:

    1. Broaden faculty and staff involvement in international research and development activities;
    2. Provide opportunities for student experiential learning and academic exchange programs;
    3. Assist faculty and staff members to participate in exchange programs; and,
    4. Broaden cultural diversity at the University.


    The specific Objectives of the Office of International Development Programs are to:

    1. Develop collaborative research and development activities through linkages with international institutions of higher learning, international research centers and national agricultural research systems;
    2. Utilize UMES faculty and staff to provide technical and administrative assistance to developing countries;
    3. Provide opportunities for short-term undergraduate student study abroad for academic credit, and for graduate student research in developing countries;
    4. Promote opportunities for faculty members for short-term engagements in international development activities;
    5. Collaborate with cooperating international institutions for joint research and development activities; and,
    6. Facilitate the exchange of scholarly information and materials, through the libraries of our cooperating international institutions.