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History of International Involvement

  • (Past and Present)

    The 1980's 

    UMES International Development Programs experience began in 1980, with a multi-year award to UMES by the United State Agency for International Development (USAID) under the Title XII University Strengthening Grant Program. This six-year grant (1980-1986) was a faculty and staff preparedness program.  

    Four primary activities that emerged during the decade of the 1980 s were:  

    1. Long-term overseas project technical assistance;
    2. Faculty educational exchanges, both long and short-term;
    3. Short-term overseas technical assistance; and,
    4. Participant training.

    The 1990's

    The goals and objectives set forth during the 1980's rolled forward into the 1990's. 

    Noticeable patterns were:       

    1. The Agricultural Sciences continued to be the major focus of the long and short-term overseas project technical assistance and participant training;
    2. Non-agricultural related project activities started emerging, and the range of individual countries for project training activity were broadened.
    3. Faculty educational exchange increased drastically;
    4. Formal and informal linkage agreements were established with Africa, the Middle East and Asian Higher Education Institutions;  and,
    5. Internationalization of the campus began. 

    Focus For 2000 Onward 

    1. Internationalization of the curricula continues to be emphasized;
    2. Student study abroad and exchanges continue to be a priority area;
    3. International/global education continues to become an integral part of learning, discovery, and engagements; and,
    4. Our geographic area of focus has expanded beyond Africa to include Latin America and the Caribbean region.