Lorenzo M. Boyd, Ph.D.

  • Lorenzo-M-Boyd-PhD

    Lorenzo M. Boyd, Ph.D.

    Department Chairperson;
    Associate Professor 

    Ph.D. - Sociology, Northeastern University

    M.A. - Applied Sociology, University of Massachusetts, Boston

    B.A. – Sociology/Political Science, University of Massachusetts

    Urban Policing, Criminal Justice Systems, Race & Crime, Criminology Theory

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    Dr. Boyd's doctoral research explored attitude differences between Black and White police officers regarding quality of life issues.  He spent over a decade as a Deputy Sheriff in Suffolk County, MA and currently serves as a police consultant. He spent eight years as the primary advisor and consultant for the Fayetteville (NC) Police Department. He also developed several 40-hour police training modules and promotional assessments for officers of ranks from patrol officer to Assistant Chief. He currently serves as President of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (2016 – 2017).