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Course Descriptions


    EXSC 100 First Year Experience Seminar Credit 1

    The course provides an opportunity for students to make a seamless transition from high school to college. Essential skills for transition will be explored and discussed. This course will assist students in developing cognitive skills and in adjusting personally and socially to the college environment. Additionally this course shall facilitate self-awareness and interpersonal communication. Required of all first year students. The course is taken by Exercise

    Science majors in lieu of GNST 100.

    EXSC 111 Personal Health and Fitness Credit 3

    This course studies the principles and practices that affect human health. Emphasis is on physical fitness, stress management, nutrition, and weight control with specific personalized techniques for optimizing health. Students should select the course section they desire as indicated by the topic. Satisfies GEN ED CURR AREA VI.

    EXSC 200 Introduction to Exercise Science Credit 3

    This course is an overview of the field of Exercise Science; its development, professional activities and sub disciplines.

    EXSC 202 Personal and Community Health Credit 3

    This course is designed to develop attitudes and practices which contribute to better individual and group health. Emphasis is placed upon major health problems of early adulthood.

    EXSC 222 Intermediate Swimming Credit 1

    This course is a continuation of techniques of elementary swimming with emphasis on the development of skills in the basic or standard swimming strokes.

    EXSC 252 Sport Psychology Credit 3

    This course is an in-depth study, comparison and analysis of human behavior while participating in sport and physical activity.

    EXSC 265 Contemporary Issues in Kinesiology Credit 3

    Students will have opportunities to investigate and learn first-hand information about developing issues in Exercise Science including youth fitness, youth sports, sports for the aged, resistance training for prepubescent athletes, demographics of aging and physiology of aging.

    EXSC 302 Sport Medicine and First Aid Credit 3

    Prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and First Aid procedures are studied in the course

    EXSC 311 Applied Kinesiology Credit 3

    This course is an analysis of movement based on a knowledge of anatomy and physiology as applied to the function of body mechanics.

    EXSC 332 Exercise Physiology Credit 4

    Basic human physiology with emphasis on the physiological changes and residues of exercise are studied in this course.  Prerequisite: BIOL 232. 

    EXSC 355 Exercise Testing and Prescription Credit 3

    This course provides an understanding of individualized exercise prescription design in programs to develop and maintain physical fitness through testing and re-evaluation strategies. Prerequisite: EXSC 311.

    EXSC 360/Online Exercise and Sport Nutrition Credit 3

    This course provides students with a key to understanding interactions between nutrition and exercise concepts as well as practical applications.

    EXSC 445 Health Aspects of Aging Credit 3

    This course provides an understanding of the health aspects of aging as it pertains to the biological, physiological, psychological and sociological factors in mature adults.

    EXSC 455 Health Fitness Management Credit 3

    This course is an in-depth study of Allied Health Facilities design and management. Practical experiences in operational procedures, marketing, analyst budgeting and public safety issues will be discussed.

    EXSC 464/Online Adult Health Fitness Programming Credit 3

    This course is designed to instruct individuals in implementation of health fitness programs and management of the various facilities, which includes fitness management.

    EXSC 475 Advanced Strength and Conditioning Credit 3

    Procedures to strengthen and condition individuals in aerobic and anaerobic activities will be discussed. Exercise models, performance evaluations, exercise equipment, training ethics, and professional development are discussed. 

    EXSC 490 Internship in Exercise Science Credit 6

    A structured off-campus learning experiences is designed to provide students with a terminal professional experience that permits first-hand, direct practical and professional experiences in Exercise Science.

    Prerequisite: Senior status with approval of Department Chair. Student may not exceed 12 semester hours during the semester in which they complete their professional internship experience.

    EXSC 499 Independent Study in Exercise Science Credit 1-3

    This course will provide senior students with opportunities to engage in an in-depth-study of any professional area or related areas germane to Exercise Science. Prerequisite: Senior or Junior academic standing and permission of the Department Chair.