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    1. Archer, R., Davis, F., Gragg, R., Ebanks, S. (2018) HBCUs Broadening Participation in Geosciences (a journey through InTeGrate). David Gosselin, Springer
    2. Babcock, E. A., Tewfik, A., & Burns-Perez, V.  (2018) Fish community and single-species indicators provide evidence of unsustainable practices in a multi-gear reef fishery. Fisheries Research doi: 10.1016/j.fishres.2018.07.003
    3. Barker BD, AZ Horodysky, DW Kerstetter. Hot, or not?  Comparative behavioral thermoregulation, critical temperature regimes, and thermal tolerances of the invasive lionfish Pterois sp. versus native western North Atlantic reef fishes. Biological Invasions. D.W. (2018) 20: 45. 
    4. Bembe, B., Williams, E., Place, A., Liang, D., & J. Sook Chung (2018) Effects of temperature and photoperiod on hemolymph vitellogenin levels during spawning events of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus, in captivity (2018). Aquaculture Res,
    5. Bembe, Sarah et al. “Effects of Temperature and Photoperiod on Hemolymph Vitellogenin Levels During Spawning Events of the Blue Crab, Callinectes Sapidus, in Captivity.” Aquaculture Research 49.6 (2018): 2201–2209. Crossref.
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    25. Morales-Núñez, A.G. and Chigbu, P. (2018) First record of the isopod Ianiropsis cf. serricaudis (Crustacea: Percarida: Janiridae) in Maryland Coastal Bays, USA. ZooKeys 747: 115-139.
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    32. Schweitzer*, C. C., A. Z. Horodysky, A. L. Price*, and B. G. Stevens. In Press. Impairment indicators for delayed mortality in black sea bass (Centropristis striata) bycatch in the commercial trap fishery using a condition index. Fisheries Research.
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    36. Walters, Tina L., Lauren M. Lamboley, Natalia B. López-Figueroa, Áurea Rodríguez, Deidre M. Gibson and Marc E. Frischer.  Diet and trophic interactions of a globally significant gelatinous marine zooplankter, Doliolietta gegenbauri (Uljanin, 1884).
    37. Wilson, M. T., Dougherty, A., Matta, M. E., Mier, K. L., and Miller, J. A. 2018. Geographic variation in otolith chemistry of age-0 juvenile walleye pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) in relation to regional hydrography. Marine Ecology Progress Series.
    38. Williams, EP, Place, AR & Bachvaroff, T.R (2017). Transcriptome Analysis of Core Dinoflagellates Reveals a Universal Bias Towards “GC” Rich Codons. Mar. Drugs, 15:125; doi:10.3390/md15050125B.
    39. Zhou Jin, Richlen Mindy L., Sehein Taylor R., Kulis David M., Anderson Donald M., Cai Zhonghua. Microbial Community Structure and Associations During a Marine Dinoflagellate Bloom Frontiers in Microbiology.9.2018.1201

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