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    1. Arai, K., Graves, J.E. and Secor, D.H. (2019). Sub-annual cohort representation among young-of-the-year recruits of the western stock of Atlantic bluefin tuna. Fisheries Research 225
      1. Bonin, C.A., van Wijnen, A.J., Lewallen, E.A. (2019). MicroRNA applications in marine biology. Molecular Biology Reports. DOI 10.1007/s40610-019-00124-w.
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        5. Dunn, D.C., Secor, D.H. and 70 co-authors. (2019). The importance of migratory connectivity for global ocean policy. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
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        7. Gonsior, M., Powers, L.C., Williams, E., Place, A., Chen, F., Ruf, A. et al. (2019). The chemodiversity of algal dissolved organic matter from lysed Microcystis aeruginosa cells and its ability to form disinfection by-products during chlorination. Water Research, 155: 300-309.
        8. Lennox, R.J., Paukert, P., Aarestrup, K., Auger-Méthé, M., Baumgartner, L.J., Birnie-Gauvin, K., Bøe, K., Brink, K., Brownscombe, J.W., Chen, Y., Davidsen, J.G., Eliason, E.J., Filous, A., Gillanders, B.M., Helland, I.P., Horodysky, A.Z., Januchowski-Hartley, S.R., Lowerre-Barbieri, S.K., Lucas, M.C., Martins, E.S., Murchie, K.J., Pompeu, P., Power, M., Raghavan, R., Rahel, F.J., Secor, D.H., Thiem, J.D., Thorstad, E.B., Ueda, H., Whoriskey, F.G. and Cooke S.J.  (2019). 100 pressing questions on the future of global fish migration science, conservation, and policy. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 7:286. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2019.00286
        9. Pecher, M.E., Madadha, A., DasSarma, P., Ekulona, F., Schott, E.J., Crowe, K., Gut, B.S. and DasSarma, S.  (2019). Effects of road salt on microbial communities: halophiles as biomarkers of road salt pollution. PLoS ONE 14(9): e0221355. (Sept 2019)
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        20. Barker, B.D., Horodysky, A.Z., Kerstetter, D.W.. Hot, or not?  Comparative behavioral thermoregulation, critical temperature regimes, and thermal tolerances of the invasive lionfish Pterois sp. versus native western North Atlantic reef fishes. Biological Invasions. 20(1): 45-58.
        21. Ramirez*, M.D., Miller, J.A., Parks, E., Avens, L., Seminoff, J.A., Goshe, L.R., and Heppell, S.S. (2019). Reconstructing sea turtle ontogenetic habitat shifts through trace element analysis of bone tissue. Marine Ecology Progress Series 608:247-262.
        22. Walters, T.L., Gibson, D.M. and Frischer, M.E. (2019). Cultivation of the Marine Pelagic Tunicate Dolioletta gegenbauri (Uljanin 1884) for Experimental Studies. J. Vis. Exp. (150), e59832, doi:10.3791/59832 (2019).
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        32. Schweitzer, C.C. and Stevens, B.G. (2019). The relationship between fish abundance and benthic community structure on artificial reefs in the Mid-Atlantic Bight, and the importance of sea whip corals Leptogorgia virgulata. PeerJ 7:e7277.

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