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  • AccomplishmentC

    Years 1 – 3 (2016 – 2019) Award Accomplishments

    1. Trained: 73 students (33 B.S., 22 M.S., 18 Ph.D.) were trained in NOAA related sciences; 96% of students trained belong to underrepresented minority (URM) groups.
    2. Graduated: 13 students (6 B.S., 4 M.S., 3 Ph.D.) graduated; 85% of the graduates belong to URM groups.
    3. Post-graduation Employment: Of the 7 Center graduates at M.S. and Ph.D. levels, six are employed in the NOAA mission enterprise (including a Fisheries Biologist at NOAA SEFSC, Miami, FL); one student is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in a NOAA relevant field.  
    4. Funds Leveraged: $10.9 million (mean=$3.63 million/yr) leveraged with NOAA EPP award from 2016 to 2019 to support education and research.
    5. Internships/NERTO: 34 students supported by the Center took part in internships; including 26 graduate students who completed NOAA Experiential and Research Training Opportunity (NERTO) at NOAA labs.
    6. Collaborative Research Projects: 26 projects with NOAA scientists were funded by the LMRCSC
    7. Enhanced Engagement with NOAA Scientists: 53 NOAA scientists serve, or have served as mentors of LMRCSC students, collaborators on Center TAB projects, members of the TAB that reviews center proposals and/or as instructors of courses, etc.  
    8. Publications: 87 publications in peer-reviewed journals generated by LMRCSC scientists and students; 13 publications had center student co-authors or authors.
    9. Presentations: 171 presentations at scientific meetings made by scientists and students at the Center.
    10. Inter-institutional Collaborative Partnerships: 7 partnerships established between LMRCSC and other MSIs, resulting in leveraged funds to support student training and research at the Center.  
    11. Awards and Recognition: 9 LMRCSC students received awards or recognition for scholarly accomplishments. Three students received NOAA Sea Grant Knauss Fellowship and one student received NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; 4 center faculty received awards or recognition for scholarly work.
    12. Research Cruise Experience: 9 center students participated in and received training during NOAA research cruises.
    13. Experience Developing and Managing Database for Large Datasets: 21 students have taken a new Data Management course offered at the Center.
    14. Emergence of Center Student Cohort Community: 31 students have participated in the LMRCSC one week Spring Cohort Experience workshop, which enhances students’ literacy in NOAA Fisheries related disciplines, creates a network of students from center institutions, and fosters communication among them that continues beyond the workshop. This helps to reduce the feeling of isolation of students, especially at non-MSIs.
    15. 4 Center Best Practices Developed:
      • A center-wide Recruitment Plan and an Integrated Educational Framework facilitate student recruitment to center institutions.
      • A unique LMRCSC Spring Cohort Experience workshop enhances students’ literacy in NOAA Fisheries related disciplines and creates a network and community of students from center institutions.
      • Mandatory NERTO internship provides students hands-on experience at NOAA facilities under the supervision of NOAA scientists.  
      • TAB research funding process enables students to gain experience writing research proposals; feedback from the TAB, comprised of NOAA scientists, is valuable for their professional growth.
    16. LMRCSC Students and Scientists as Agents Helping to Broaden Participation in NOAA Related Science Workforce: Utilizing experiences and knowledge gained at the LMRCSC, several center students have taken up leadership roles at student organizations on their campuses, and have provided peer and near-peer mentoring to URM students, including those who do not receive direct financial support from the LMRCSC. Additionally, most LMRCSC students are engaged in outreach activities at K-12 schools, community and city-wide organizations, and/or have served as mentors of undergraduate students participating in summer internships. Furthermore, LMRCSC PIs have been consulted, and have assisted with developing and executing a number of programs aimed at training URMs in geosciences at non-LMRCSC institutions. The Center is thus having significant broader impacts.

    Download the LMRCSC Accomplishments Flyer

  • NOAA Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center
    University of Maryland Eastern Shore (Lead Institution)
    (410) 651-7870
    Award numbers: FY 2016 Award #NA16SEC4810007 
    Funding Agency: NOAA Educational Partnership Program with Minority-Serving Institutions (EPP/MSI)
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