Industrial Advisory Council

  • IAC Members Address Sheet

    Industrial Advisory Council Members Address Sheet


    1. Jerry Redden

    Worcester County Economic Development

    100 Pearl St., Ste B

    Snow Hill, Md. 21863



    2. Ron Bettini

    Md. Hawk Corporation

    P.O Box 154

    Pocomoke, Md. 21851



    3. Diana Nolte

    Lower Shore Broadband Corporation

    112 West Green Street

    Snow Hill, Md 21863



    4. Sayed Otaru

    Yahoo! Search Marketing

    3333 W. Empire Ave

    Burbank, CA 91507


    5. Jennifer Bruce

    1006 North WoodYear Street

    Baltimore, Md. 21217


    6. Tosha Lindsay

    7301 Shady Glen Terrace

    Capitol Heights, Md. 20743


    7. Mirghani Elganieb

    59 West River Drive. #23

    Manchester, NH 03104


    8. Anita Malhotra

    48197 Manhattan Circle

    Canton, MI 48188




    9. Tayseer Elbeshir

    8337 Montgomery Run Rd #B

    Silver Spring, Md 21043


    10. Walter I. Jones

    6641 Deep Hollow Lane

    Manassas,VA 20112



    11. Mohammed Almed

    4619 Old Oak Rd.

    Doylestown, PA 18901


    12. Inga Riggins

    12902 Federal Systems Park Drive

    FairFax, Virginia 22033-4421


    13. Larry Townsend

    MS System Analyst

    Delmarva Foundation



    IAC Meeting

    Industrial Advisory Council Meeting

    The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is preparing for accreditation of Computer Science. Industrial Advisory Council is one of the constituents (for the assessment of program) that forms a part of accreditation of Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET). The first Industrial Advisory Council for Computer Science Program met on Sept 21, 2007 at 10:00AM in Dean's conference room Kiah Hall  with the following members:

    1. Ron Bettini
    Md. Hawk Corporation
    2. Jennifer Bruce
    National Security Agency
    3 Gurdeep S Hura
    Chair, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, UMES
    4. Tosha Lindsay
    National Security Agency
    5. Anita Malhotra
    Ford Corporation
    6. Jerry Redden
    Worcester County Economic Development
    7 Greig Smith
    8  Larry Townsend
    MS System Analyst
    Ms Alluri Priyanka Alluri (to record the minutes)

    There are 12 members of IAC. Due to conflict and other prior engagements, only seven members attended the meeting.

    Dr Hura welcomed the members of IAC and thanked them for their services and participation. After a formal introduction, Dr Hura asked Dr Alade to make his speech (the order had to be changed as he has another meeting at 10:30AM

    Dr Ayodele Alade, Dean, School of Business and Technology in his brief speech, welcomed and thanked the new members of IAC and reaffirmed the support for accreditation of Computer Science as one of the goals of Presidents of UMES. He appreciated the steps taken by the department towards accreditation of computer science program and provided his full support for this effort in his school.   

    After Dr Alade left the meeting, Dr Hura briefed the members of IAC about the steps department has taken towards accreditation of Computer Science Program.  He informed the members about new mission of the department, Educational objectives, Student Learning Outcome, Assessment process (under consideration), revised curriculum, new CS faculty hires, new web site, etc.

    Elections for IAC were held with the following office bearers:


    • Chair            -   Ron Bettini
    • Vice Chair    -   Greg Smith
    • Secretary      -   Jennifer Bruce

      In absence of Jennifer Bruce,Tosha Lindsay will take over as secretary of IAC.

     The meeting of IAC will be held twice a year in the months of January and September (last week).

     The meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM


    About IAC:


    The Industrial Advisory Board for Computer Science within Department of Mathematics and Computers Science (MCS) hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) is being created. This council is a consultative panel which:

    • Shall provide vital and strong communication link between Computer Science Program at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Princess Anne and the community being served by the School of Business and Information Technology.
    • Shall provide counsel on Computer Science planning and program development
    • Shall advise the department to maintain accredited computer science program
    • Shall advise management within the School on matters of mutual interest and concerns leading towards the growth of computer science program within the umbrella of national accreditation board.
    • Shall function within the policies and regulations of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the Board of Regents, and the Laws of the State of Maryland.


    The Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) is advisory in nature. Its responsibility shall be determined by the Industrial Advisory Council itself in concert with the President of the University, the Chair of the Mathematics and Computer Science Department and other responsible persons designated by the President. 


    • Serves as a linkage between the Department of MCS and its external constituencies
    • Advises on community needs for Computer Sciences education
    • Advises on community needs for education in other related disciplines
    • Assists as desired and appropriate in fund raising for scholarships, equipment, program development and improvement, new program start-up costs, faculty development activities, and operating funds for the Advisory Council
    • Shall assist the Department of MCS in exercising leadership in the state's economic development
    • Shall facilitate the enhancement of Department of MCS's human, fiscal and other resources
    • Reviews, on a regular basis, the program/course offerings, make suggestions commensurate with needed changes, and report on the community view regarding program effectiveness
    • Informs the School of industry trends, new technology, expectations of graduates, provide linkage for interns, and general placement support for graduates