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Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Research

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    MOWER Grant Project Summaries

    FY 2014 Awards

    MOWER 14-10: University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Project Title: Maintenance Management Strategy to Produce Cost Effective Offshore Wind Power

    Project Directors: Dr. Joseph O. Arumala

    Award: $120,000.00

    Project Abstract: The current state of offshore wind energy presents economic challenges that call for concerted efforts to seek solutions and chart out future paths of technology and research that will reduce the overall cost of production of offshore wind power. Among the several things needed in order to bring down the cost and make offshore wind power more viable are: Economic modeling and optimization of costs of the overall wind farm system, including installation, operations, and maintenance and Service methodologies, remote monitoring, and diagnostics. Key parts to this are the collection of pertinent data on all components and related systems of the offshore wind farm and developing a robust health monitoring system for the operation of the turbines that will seek to reduce the cost of operations and maintenance. The research question this proposal addresses is: To what extent will an integrated health monitoring system reduce the cost of offshore wind operation and maintenance? Consequentially the sub-topical areas that will be further investigated will include: (a) To gain a better understanding of a health monitoring system algorithm for data collection and system health diagnostics resulting in developing quick response protocol and issues resolution methodology. (b) Identifying gaps in present day data gathering to enhance the best practice in health monitoring that will enhance the proposed health monitoring system in cost reduction (i.e. known profile, position and characteristics of the structural issues that have been resolved) to provide next generation repair and maintenance warehouse of information. And (c) Is it also possible to use the database and the health monitoring system software to correlate the results of the Environmental Impact Studies done by OSW Developers and capture additional relevant environmental issues if any that may be of concern as a result of the installation of the wind farms? This research proposal will be executed by a Principal Investigator and four (4) Co-PIs from the Departments of Technology, Engineering and Aviation sciences and Mathematics and Computer Science. The proposal is for a period of two (2) years and the 2-year budget is $120,000.00.




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