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Mission, Vision and Core Values

  • Mission

    The University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), the State's Historically Black 1890 land-grant institution, has its purpose and uniqueness grounded in distinctive learning, discovery, and engagement opportunities in the arts and sciences, education, technology, engineering, agriculture, business, and health professions.

    UMES is a student-centered, doctoral research degree-granting university known for its nationally accredited undergraduate and graduate programs, applied research, and highly valued graduates.

    UMES provides individuals, including first generation college students, access to a holistic learning environment that fosters multicultural diversity, academic success, and intellectual and social growth.

    UMES prepares graduates to address challenges in a global knowledge-based economy, while maintaining its commitment to meeting the workforce and economic development needs of the Eastern Shore, the State, the Nation, and the World.


    UMES aspires to be a Doctoral University and a national model for producing globally competent citizenry in the 21st century by:

    • Providing access to high quality, values-based educational experiences, especially to individuals who are first generation college students of all races, while emphasizing multicultural diversity and international perspectives;
    • Recruiting and retaining outstanding students, faculty, and staff who will learn, work and conduct world class research and development engagements that address the challenges of the future; and
    • Creating a culture to develop a systematic approach to successfully close the achievement gap.

    Core Values

    UMES continues to adhere to its purpose by:

    • Providing high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs that will equip students with 21st-century knowledge and skills necessary for the challenges of America and the world;
    • Affirming its role as the State's 1890 land-grant institution by providing citizens with opportunities and access that will enhance their lives and enable them to develop intellectually, economically, socially, and culturally;
    • Demonstrating shared governance through recognition of the viewpoints that various members of the university community contribute to the institution;
    • Appreciating diversity in its student body, faculty, staff, and administration through civility, commitment to tolerance, freedom of expression, and celebration of other cultures;
    • Adhering to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, trust, and integrity in both personal and professional behavior;
    • Promoting student-centeredness as the heart of the educational enterprise; and
    • Focusing on character development through learning and leadership experiences.