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Bachelor of Arts in Jazz and Popular Music

  • The Jazz and Popular Music Studies Program will prepare competent, professional musicians for careers in the many fields associated with jazz and popular music performance. Through intense performance and theoretical studies in a traditional liberal arts setting, students will develop skills, knowledge, and abilities through a curriculum that is based on an interdisciplinary setting, with a focus on practical performance applications in a diverse society. Graduates will have many choices of future endeavors, and will be prepared for immediate careers or graduate school in the fields of jazz and popular music performance, arranging, composing, teaching, and other areas. Admission to the program is by audition only; students must also be admitted to the university.


    The Jazz and Popular Music Studies Program requires 122 credit hours for completion, which includes 41 credits in general education requirements, 75 credits for core music courses, and 6 credits in supporting areas.

    For a complete description see the Jazz and Popular Music Degree Requirements