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Bachelor of Arts in Music Education

  • (Tracks in Choral/General and Instrumental Music Education)

    The Music Program accepts as its mission the role of providing learning experiences for students who wish to pursue careers in elementary and secondary music education, providing performance opportunities through applied music study, providing performance opportunities through ensemble participation, providing foundational development for graduate study, and providing instruction for students who do not desire music as a career but wish to develop skills and knowledge of music as an avocation. The program also provides opportunities for students and members of the non-University community to experience a better quality of life through music exposure and study. Concerts, lectures, seminars, and workshops are presented to meet this aspect of our mission. Piano proficiency and musical achievement tests may be administered to freshmen and new students who elect the Music Education program. These tests are administered at designated periods prior to registration for each semester. Test results are used to counsel students in music course selection and aid them in pursuing a curriculum suitable to their abilities, talents and potential for success.


    Students who are accepted as majors in Music Education must select a major applied instrument, with the approval of the appropriate applied music instructor and coordinator of the Music Program.  Students who elect an orchestral or band instrument must fulfill the six-semester requirement in an instrumental large ensemble such as Concert Band or Jazz Band.  Students who elect piano or voice for their major applied concentration must fulfill the six semester requirement in Concert Choir though piano majors may fulfill the requirement in an instrumental ensemble.  Music Education majors are expected to perform in recitals twice each semester. Students in this program must complete 132 semester hours of University courses.  Included in these 132 hours are 43 hours of required Music Core Courses and 48 hours of Professional Education Courses.  A minimum GPA of 2.75 is required of all courses, and a grade of C or better is required for all music core courses.

    For a complete description see the Music Education Degree Requirements