Internship Experience

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      As part of the program requirements for completion of the PhD in Organizational Leadership each student is required to complete a doctoral practicum.  The doctoral practicum is an experiential-based learning opportunity that each student undertakes as an individual growth opportunity to expand their scholarly and professional interests.  The most important aspect of the doctoral practicum is that it must involve NEW LEARNING.  The doctoral practicum consists of six credits in total. 

      There are four directions that students can take to complete their doctoral practicum. 

      1.  Production of an original scholarly article and subsequent submission to a scholarly journal.

      2.  Presentation and attendance at an academic conference.  Such as the Annual International Leadership Association   Conference.

      3.  Attendance at an academic conference.  Such as the Annual International Leadership Association Conference.

        • This would require an academic write-up, analysis and critique of a minimum of three sessions held during the conference.  Write-up must include a discussion of how the sessions related to the field of organizational leadership and how you can apply the new material to your academic and professional endeavors. 

      4.  Original Idea - Students have an option to find additional experiential learning opportunities that will contribute to their   academic and professional pursuits.  This must constitute new learning and it cannot be related to your current work. 

        • Sample Original Ideas Include:  Develop a course, program assessment, travel abroad for a learning experience, grant writing, strategic planning, start a nonprofit, development of a business plan. 

      ALL doctoral practicums must be approved by the ORLD Practicum Committee.  Approval includes submission of the doctoral practicum proposal form AND a brief presentation to the Practicum Committee reviewing your proposed practicum.  This presentation should include a description of the practicum, the research questions to be explored, and the new learning that is anticipated.

      Doctoral practicums are not complete until final submission of the scholarly product is received and a presentation is given to the Doctoral Committee.  This presentation should review the scholarly product, address the research questions, and the new learning that occurred.