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Program Costs Estimate

  • Estimate of Program Costs

    Tuition and Fees - most recent information available from the UMES Office of the Comptroller.

    Program costs can vary.  These are general estimates based on the 2018 - 2019 UMES graduate tuition rates. 

    Maryland Residents - $325 per credit hour

    Non-Maryland Residents - $604 per credit hour

    Eastern Shore Region - $449 per credit hour

    Number of Credits by Semester for Coursework Component of the Program*
    Fall Spring Summer
    Year 1 9 9 6
    Year 2 9 9 6

    *This is the typical arrangement of classes, there may be some variance depending on the student (includes 6 internship credit hours).

    Additional credit hours are required for the Comprehensive Exam (1 credit hour) and Dissertation (minimum 12 credit hours).  At present, the program is a minimum of 61 credit hours.  There are additional university fees each semester which include a student fee, technology fee, and athletic fee.  Check with UMES's Office of the Comptroller for more details. 

    Other Program Costs

    Other program costs can vary depending on the course and each individual's personal circumstances.  Some of those costs include:

    • Books and Course Materials
      • Each faculty member attempts to keep costs as reasonable as possible while also making sure necessary materials are utilized for each course.
    • Room and Board
      • This is dependent on one's travel distance, some students live within the local area and do not need local accommodations, while others travel for the courses.
      • This is a weekend program that meets Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, this could range from 2 - 4 nights for each weekend residence depending on one's travel distance and other personal considerations.
      • Each course meets over two weekends, thus there are 28 weekends in residence for the 14 courses.
      • UMES has a hotel on campus, the Henson Center, with reasonable rates for students.  In addition, the Organizational Leadership program has made arrangements with several hotels in the Salisbury and Fruitland area for discounted lodging (some including breakfast).  Click here for more about accommodations.  
    • Transportation to and from campus for course weekends.
    • Personal expenses, which may vary significantly from person to person. 

    All program costs are estimates based on the 2017 - 2018 UMES graduate school tuition rates, total costs may vary significantly from person to person depending on individual circumstances.

    Information regarding financial aid can be found at the UMES Office of Financial Aid.