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Avoiding Fatal Flaws and Common Errors

  • General Problems

    • Spelling and Grammar Errors
    • Sloppy Presentation
    • Exceeding Page Limitations
    • Incomplete Content


    • Math errors
    • No Budget Justification (Failure to explain what you are going to do with the money.)
    • Budget Exceed Allowable Amount
    • No Clear Role for Personnel or Consultant(s)


    • No Prior Experience
    • Unrelated Training
    • Old Resume

    Resources and Facilities

    • Old Equipment
    • Inadequate Space or Equipment
    • Absence of a Discussion on Necessary Resources/Facilities


    • No Pilot Work
    • No Basis for Proposed Work
    • Uncritical Acceptance of Referenced Literature
    • Poor or Elderly Literature Review
    • Misquotes, Mistakes, Errors


    Failure to Make a Case for the Importance of the Proposed Effort


    • Failure to Support the Proposed Effort
    • Lack of Clarity
    • No basis for the Proposed Work or Project


    • Objectives Unclear
    • Goals and Objectives Do Not Related to Each Other
    • No Timeline
    • Failure to Determine Sample Size
    • Inadequate Recruitment and Retention Plan
    • Discussion on the Analysis Is Inadequate, Incorrect, or Missing
    • No Dissemination or Sustainability Plan
    • Missing or Inappropriate Citations