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Grant Writing Tips

  • Writing Tips

    • Capture the reviewers attention use simple, jargon free language.
    • Use paragraph headings, charts and other graphics to help clarify complex concepts.
    • Organize the proposal to facilitate the best understanding of your project.
    • Make logical transitions as you move from section to section.
    • Be enthusiastic create excitement in your reader.
    • Avoid ambiguous language (e.g., could, may, ought, should).
    • Support your statements with appropriate citations.
    • Have all forms and the proposal carefully edited by a professional editor.

    Preparing the Proposal

    • Carefully read the program announcement or request for proposal (RFP) and the application instructions.
    • Define the proposed project by creating carefully articulated goals and objectives.
    • Create a proposal writing timeline give yourself a sufficient amount of time to prepare a quality application.
    • Prepare a proposal and submit to the project officer and several colleagues for review.
    • Provide an extensive literature search for research projects.
    • Review grants funded over the past 12 months by checking federal databases.
    • Contact principal investigators and ask for assistance most principal investigators will provide assistance to a new investigator.