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Matriculation Requirements

  • Immunizations

    The following health requirements are mandatory prior to any experiential education course at offsite facilities. The immunization requirements must be fully complied with in the first 30 days post matriculation, or the student will be withdrawn from classes without credit.

    1. Tuberculosis: One of the following completed within the past 12 months is required:
    • step TB skin test (administered 1-3 weeks apart)
    • QuantiFERON Gold blood test (lab report required)
    • If positive results, submit a clear chest x-ray (lab report required)

    1. Immunizations: Students must be current on all required immunizations. Either record of immunization or serologic proof of immunity must be provided for all listed conditions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for health care personnel, to include, but may not be limited to:
    • Hepatitis B: BOTH of the following are required:
    • 3 vaccinations AND
    • A positive antibody titer (lab report required)

    If your titer was negative or equivocal, you must repeat the series and provide a 2nd titer.

    • Measles, Mumps & Rubella (MMR): One of the following is required:
    • 2 vaccinations: The first vaccination MUST be administered AFTER the age of 1 regardless of vaccination type. Vaccinations can be a combined MMR vaccination, however if individualized vaccinations are submitted you MUST submit 2 vaccinations for Mumps and Measles and 1 vaccination for Rubella OR
    • Positive antibody titer (lab report required) for all 3 components. If your titer was negative or equivocal, you must receive 1 booster vaccine (administered after your titer) and provide a 2nd titer.

    • Varicella: One of the following is required:
    • 2 vaccinations OR
    • Positive antibody titer (lab report required) If your titer was negative or equivocal, you must repeat the series.

    • Tdap (Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis: One of the following is required:
    • Documentation of a Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Pertussis) vaccination administered within the past 10 years OR
    • Documentation of a Tdap vaccination administered from any time AND a Td (Tetanus & Diphtheria) booster administered within the past 10 years. Renewal will be set for 10 years from the most recent vaccination. Upon renewal, a Td booster is required.

    • Influenza: Students will be required to obtain influenza immunization annually while enrolled in the program.

    1. Other Immunizations: Students may occasionally be involved in patient care activities that require additional immunizations or disease prophylaxis (e.g. international rotations). It is the responsibility of the student to consult with the PD/Clinical Coordinator to determine if any additional precautions are necessary.>

    Background Checks and Drug Screen

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore PA Program requires a background check on all of its conditionally admitted applicants and current students in order to enhance the health and safety of patients, students, faculty, and staff in the academic and clinical environments, to adhere to applicable healthcare regulations, and to attest to affiliated clinical facilities a student’s background and eligibility status. The background check will identify incidents in an applicant’s or student’s history that might pose a risk to patients or others.

    Proof of Medical Insurance

    As a condition of enrollment students are required to maintain health insurance and provide evidence of a primary insurance policy.  Due to the potential for exposure to potentially infectious materials, insurance should cover screenings, diagnostics, treatments, and short and long term disability compensation that may result from any potential exposure. 

    All costs are the exclusive responsibility of the student and not the responsibility of the student’s academic department, the UMES Physician Assistant Program, or University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 

    Basic Life Support

    All entering students are required to have current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification designed for health care providers. The BLS certification is required to enable you to participate in these clinical practice settings during both the academic and clinical phases of the program. Proof of current certification will be required on or before the first day of summer term. If you have never been BLS certified, you can contact your local chapter of the American Heart Association to inquire about registering for potential classes. You can do this through the AHA website ( and entering your zip code to contact your local chapter. 

    Student Employment Policy

    Employment is strongly discouraged.  The Physician Assistant curriculum has been designed to be a full-time activity for students.  It consists of a very demanding course load with a great deal of time spent in class and in clinical experiences.  There are also many special seminars, films and guest lecturers that may be available to students on relatively short notice.  We encourage you to seek outside sources of financial support (scholarships, loans, etc.) so that you may devote as much time as possible to your professional education.