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Mission, Goals, and Vision

  • Program Mission

    The Physician Assistant Department is a master degree granting educational program of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES). As a component of the 1890 Land Grant University, it is committed to providing equal opportunity, especially to those of multicultural backgrounds. The program promotes health and wellness through the provision of quality primary care health education, in a diverse environment that values the discovery of knowledge, the development and dissemination, and practical application of that knowledge through community outreach and service. The department aims to educate and prepare competent and socially conscious clinical professionals to provide holistic, ethical, and compassionate care to meet the needs of diverse communities in local, state, national and global environments.

    Program Goals

    1. Cultivate a holistic admission process to recruit and select multicultural, diverse, and highly qualified applicants who can complete the rigorous Master of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies (MMS-PAS).
    2. Facilitate a learning environment that promotes interprofessional collaboration to ensure continuity of patient care and positive patient outcomes.
    3. Foster an environment that ensures our education, research, technology, and service initiatives address the primary health care needs of the underserved rural and urban communities across Maryland and the nation.
    4. Instill a commitment to continuous personal growth and professional development to empower learners to remain socially aware of regional and global health care concerns.
    5. Prepare physician assistant students to exhibit the highest level of clinical, interpersonal, and professional competencies while working as members of healthcare teams.

    * The University of Maryland Eastern Shore PA Program intends to publish evidence of goal achievement here after the initial cohort of students matriculates and graduates.


    We are committed to: 

    1. Fostering the interpersonal and collaborative attributes necessary for our PA students to become exemplary medical providers working in team-based practices.  
    2. Producing graduates who will master the skills required to competently and compassionately practice preventive and diagnostic medicine.