Election season is NOT over, yet: VOTE HARRY

  • Wednesday, November 5, 2014

    Harry T. Hawk selfiePRINCESS ANNE, MD - (Nov. 5, 2014) -- Harry The Hawk, the 9-foot tall air-filled mascot of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) and his nephew, HH3, embody the moniker of "Harry T. Hawk" - and that very mascot is in the finals of a national contest to be named the nation's top mascot. And he needs your vote!

    Earlier this fall, College Court Report, a website that follows college basketball, named Harry one of the top 64 mascots in college basketball.  Those 64 mascots were placed into a tournament-style bracket where fans voted in each round, advancing one school's mascot over another.     

    Now, it is down to two and Harry The Hawk is still standing, all 9-feet of him.   

    Harry is facing Kaboom, the mascot of Bradley University who, like Harry, has been trouncing his mascot brethren in the bracket voting.   

    Harry's hashtag is #CCRHarry and the web address to vote online is:   


    Fans can cast their vote for Harry in several ways.  Harry gets one vote by using the online poll or tweeting out his hashtag on Twitter #CCRHarry   

    If fans also tweet "I'm cheering for Harry! Let's go #CCRHarry" they will get the big guy one vote, or two if you are a new follower of @CC_Report

    If fans tweet @CC_Report with a photo of Harry they get him two votes and a new Twitter follower gets him three votes. (It must be a different photo each day.)

    Fans can also direct message College Court Report on Facebook saying "I'm voting for Harry from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore" to get him two votes and add an extra vote if you are a new follower.   

    College Court Report, which its website states is "providing you with unique perspectives on anything and everything College Basketball," created the Mascot Mayhem contest.  The goal was to predict which school has the best mascot in all of NCAA Basketball.   

    "We selected our Top 64 mascots and used computer software to generate a tournament bracket for all 64 mascots," CCR's website says.  "Via Twitter, using the hashtags designed specifically for each mascot, or the polls on (the web) page, individuals are able to vote for their favorite mascot!"   

    Of the original 64 teams, Harry is the lone mascot from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) and the only one from an historically black institution.   

    Voting is open now through Friday, Nov. 8, ending at noon.