HH3 makes his debut at Hawk Hysteria '14

  • Tuesday, October 28, 2014

     Meet HH3 ~ 'Trey,' UMES' dynamo bird of prey

    HH3 debuted at Hawk Hysteria 2014PRINCESS ANNE, MD- (Oct. 28, 2014) - Hawk Hysteria each October serves a dual purpose; it signals the start of college hoops season and doubles as an opportunity for the UMES campus to gather and wish Harry T. Hawk, its beloved mascot, "happy birthday."

    As Harry grows older and takes on more responsibilities serving as the university's imaginary goodwill ambassador, time management has become a HUGE issue in the go-go world of mascotry.

    So, Harry looked around his family tree and recruited a protégé, his nephew, HH3, to share the ever-expanding load of filling public appearance requests.

    Unbeknownst to the capacity crowd at Hawk Hysteria '14, the event also was HH3's hatching out party.

    The usual cast of local mascot characters showed up to celebrate Harry's birthday: Sherman the Shorebird, the Chick-fil-A cow and the Hardee's Star. They danced with UMES cheerleaders and Wee Hawks at center court, and everybody sang "happy birthday" to Big Harry.

    But as the festivities wound down, over in the corner of the Hytche Athletics Center, a large transport cart mysteriously rolled out with a he-man-size egg atop it.

    Peck, peck, peck.

    The egg slowly broke open.

    And out emerged HH3, bursting with energy. He danced. He hugged well-wishers. He posed for selfies.

    Oh, that sneaky Harry. As is his practice, he offered no comment how he managed to turn his own party into a surprise.

    The Hawk Hysteria crowd was told that during this election year, Harry is busy this fall on the campaign trail drumming up votes to be named the nation's best basketball season mascot.

    Harry The (politician) Hawk won three rounds and was among eight college mascots remaining in the "bracket-style" online voting. Earlier this week, he defeated John B. Stetson of Stetson University in DeLand, Fla. Next up: The Billiken of St. Louis University.

    So, UMES has two mascots, including one bringing the university national attention.

    And now you know the nest of the story.

    To support Big Harry's candidacy for top mascot, visit: http://www.collegecourtreport.com/mascot-mayhem.html