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PSM Collaborating Scientists

    Larry Alade, Ph.D. 
    Fisheries Biologist, NMFS/NEFSC
    Larry A. Alade completed his Doctoral Degree in Marine Estuarine and Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Dr. Alade works under the Cooperative Research team at NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service/Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NMFS/NEFSC) to help in the ongoing development of the mark-recapture database system for a variety of species that will enhance its utility for analytical purposes. He is co-instructor for the Fish Population Dynamics and Stock Assessment course.

    Phone: (508) 495-2085 
    Elizabeth Babcock, Ph. D.
    Assistant Professor, University Miami, RSMAS/MBF 
    Dr. Babcock is a quantitative fisheries scientist, with experience in fisheries stock assessment and marine fish conservation, for species including sharks, billfishes and sturgeons. The use of innovative data sources and analysis methods to inform management of fisheries for which traditional fisheries data are lacking remains a primary focus of her research, with an increasing emphasis on spatial management measures (e.g. marine reserves) and ecosystem impacts of fisheries. Many of her ongoing projects involve the interface between marine reserves and fishery management. Dr. Babcock is the instructor of the Bayesian Statistics course. 

    Phone: (305) 421-4852 
    Ayeisha Brinson, Ph.D. 
    Economist, NMFS/NEFSC 
    Dr. Brinson received a B.S from the University of Florida in 2000. She later went on to pursue a M.S from Colorado State University (2002) and work for the U.S. Geological Survey Fort Collins Science Center (2000-2002). She completed University of Miami’s Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in 2008. She is interested in the dynamics between people and natural resources. Her research evaluated the performance of four fleets that target Atlantic billfish. She is also a McKnight Doctoral Fellow and a fellowship recipient of the LMRCSC. Dr. Brinson serves as g. Dr. Brinson serves as guest lecturer for the Introduction to Environmental and Resource Economics course. 

    Phone: (508) 495-2007 
    David Die, Ph.D. 
    Associate Professor, University of Miami, Associate Director, CIMAS 
    Dr. Die’s main research interest is the development of mathematical and statistical models (both for prediction and estimation) to support natural resource management. His research is geared towards giving scientifically based resource management advice, quantitative auditing of management performance and in developing an understanding of the mechanisms that are key to the sustainability of fisheries. He has worked for 18 years on research devoted to the assessment and management of tropical fisheries worldwide (Oceania, Asia, Latin America and Africa). He is the instructor for the Marine Population Dynamics course. 

    Phone: (305) 421.4607 
    David Tomberlin, Ph.D.
    Research Economist, NMFS/OST 
    Dr. Tomberlin received a Ph.D. in Forest Ecology and Management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and M.Sc. in Agricultural and Resource Economics from North Carolina State University. His experience includes more than a decade at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Dr. Tomberlin joined World Resources Institute (WRI) in July 2010 as Deputy to the Vice President for Science and Research. He is an adjunct faculty at UMES and serves as co-instructor of the introduction to Environmental and Resource Economics course. 

    Phone: (301) 427-8184 
    Howard Townsend, Ph.D. Howard Townsend, Ph.D. 
    Ecological Modeler, NMFS/OHC 
    Dr. Townsend has a Ph.D. in biology from Wake Forest University. He supports ecosystem-based fisheries management by developing and implementing ecosystem models and improved data management tools. He also provides administrative oversight of NCBOprograms at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Cooperative Oxford Laboratory. Dr. Townsend teaches the Ecosystem Modeling Applied to Fisheries Management course. He is an adjunct faculty at UMES.  

    PPhone: (410) 226-5193 x 182 
    Kristy Wallmo, Ph.D. 
    Economist, NMFS/OST 
    An Economist at NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service, Silver Spring, MD, Dr. Wallmo also currently serves as the Technical Monitor for the Living Marine Resources Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC), and is an Adjunct Faculty at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She is co-instructor of the Introduction to Environmental and Resource Economics course. 

    Phone: (301) 427-8190