Tuition and Fees

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Program      
    Maryland Resident
      2017-2018 ANNUAL FALL TERM 2017 SPRING TERM 2018
    TUITION & FEES 28,159.00 
    14,079.50 14,079.50
    Mandatory Fees:      
    Technology Fee 155.00
    77.50 77.50
    Student Union Fee 704.00 352.00 352.00
    Pharmacy Fee 324.00 162.00 162.00
    Recreational Facilities Fee 865.00 432.50 432.50
    Laptop Program Fee* 1950.00 1950.00 --
    Total Maryland Resident 32,157.00 17,053.50 15,103.50
    Non-Maryland Resident
      2017-2018 ANNUAL FALL TERM 2017 SPRING TERM 2018
    TUITION & FEES 56,908.00 28,454.00
    Mandatory Fees 3,998.00 2,974.00 1,024.00
    Total Non-Maryland Resident 60,906.00 31,428.00 29,478.00

    *First year, first term fee only

    Cost of Attendance (COA)

    The COA is the full and reasonable cost of completing a full year as a full-time student.  It typically includes: tuition, mandatory fees, living allowance, books, transportation, and personal expenses.  The COA establish the limits for qualified financial aid and student loans available to the student.  Information about the UMES School of Pharmacy Cost of Attendance can be found here: Pharmacy COA 2017-2018 Academic Year (AY).

    Laptop Program

    Due to the technology and software requirements of the curriculum, laptops are required. To ensure all students have the equipment required, the UMES SOP has developed a Laptop Program where the laptop, assessment equipment, and other software needs of the program are added to the UMES fees. Included in the fee are the HP EliteBook Revolve, tablet case, 3 year Total Care Warranty (which covers accidental damage due to drops and spills), Turning Point Response Ware, Microsoft Office Professional, and network cable.  This fee also covers the loan of a temporary laptop should a student’s laptop need repairing.  Thee laptop (with software loaded) and other equipment will be disseminated during the UMES SOP New Student Orientation.

    Payment Plan

    Please be advised that the Doctor of Pharmacy program does not offer a payment plan. Each term charges due must be paid prior to the first day of class. 

    Refund Policy

    Total withdrawal from the Doctor of Pharmacy program on or after the first day of class WILL NOT receive a full refund. Please refer to the UMES SOP Student Handbook regarding the Total Withdrawal Refund Policy for full and partial refunds.

    Tuition Remission

    The Employee and Dependent Tuition Remission program does not apply to the Doctor of Pharmacy program.