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Mark Simmons

  • Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Director, Pharmaceutical Science Graduate Program


    • Ph.D. – Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics, Loyola University of Chicago
    • B.S. – University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC


    Dr. Simmons teaches pharmacology. Prior to joining UMES, he was on the faculty at Northeast Ohio Medical University and Kent State University and, prior to that, at Marshall University School of Medicine. The focus of Dr. Simmons’ research is on the molecular, cellular, and behavioral actions of drugs that affect the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

    Courses Taught

    PHAR 510 Fundamentals of Drug Action and Metabolism
    PHAR 520 Principles of Neurobiology and Neuropharmacology
    PHAR 521 Cardiovascular and Renal Systems: Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry (Course Coordinator)
    PHAR 525 Neuropharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry
    PHAR 681 Therapy of Addiction

    Scholarly Activities

    Simmons, M. A.  Pharmacology: An Illustrated Review, 440 pp., Thieme Publishing Co. Inc., New York, NY, 2011.  ISBN 978-1-60406-205-2.

    Porterfield, V.M., Gabella, K.M., Simmons, M.A. and Johnson, J.D.  Repeated stressor exposure regionally enhances beta-adrenergic receptor-mediated brain IL-1ß production.  Brain, Behavior and Immunity, 26:1249-1255, 2012.

    Geldenhuys, W.J. and Simmons, M.A.  3D-Quantitative structure-activity relationship and docking studies of the tachykinin NK3 receptor.  Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 21:7405-7411, 2011.

    Simmons, M. A., Werkheiser, J.L. and Hudzik, T.J.  Acute nicotine and phencyclidine increase locomotor activity of the guinea pig with attenuated potencies relative to their effects on rat or mouse.  Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior, 94:410-415, 2010.

    Simmons, M. A., Sobotka-Briner, C.D., and Medd, A.  Localization and function of NK3 receptors of layer V pyramidal neurons of the guinea pig medial prefrontal cortex.  Neuroscience, 156:987-994, 2008.

    Areas of Interest and/or Experience

    • Behavioral, cellular and molecular cardiovascular and neuropharmacology