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Dennis Killian, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

  • Dennis Killian

    Dennis M. Killian, Pharm.D., Ph.D.  

    Associate Professor, Pharmacy  Administration  



    • Pharm.D. - (1999) University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
    • Ph.D. – Pharmaceutical Sciences (2001) University of Maryland School of Pharmacy


    Dr. Killian currently serves as the Director of Pharmacy at Peninsula Regional Medical Center (PRMC) where he has been employed since 2004. He joined the UMES School of Pharmacy in early 2010. Prior to his position at PRMC, Dr. Killian has worked in staff/clinical capacities at Shore Health System in Cambridge, MD and Upper Chesapeake Health System in Havre de Grace, MD. 

    Courses Taught:

    PHAR 531 Pharmacokinetics
    PHAR 540 Pharmacy Administration
    PHAR 550 Pharmaceutical Calculations
    PHAR 572 Introduction to Institutional Pharmacy
    PHAR 681 Pharmacy Automation
    PHAR 681 Advanced Excel
    PHAR 799 Advanced Seminar in Pharmacy & Therapeutics

    Scholarly Activities

    • Killian D. (2017) Advancing Safety with Smart Pumps. Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. April 2017, 14-16.
    • Killian D. (2017) Getting the Download on Programming Risk. Baxter Case Study.
    • Killian D. and Niblett T. (2015). Faster, Safer Med Passes Enhance Nurse Satisfaction and Time Spent with Patients at Peninsula Regional. Aesynt Case Study.
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    • Killian D. (2012). Implementing Automated Anesthesia Carts in the OR. Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. June 2012, 22-23.
    • Killian D. (2012). IP128APS Automated Packaging System from Pearson. Pharmacy Purchasing & Products. January 2012, 24.
    • Killian D. (2011). Dose management tools improve workflow, reduce medication errors. Drug Topics. October 2011, 155.
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    • Killian D. (2009) Peninsula Regional Medical Center: Leading-edge dose management increases efficiencies while improving patient care. Baxa Case Study.
    • Killian D., Hermeling S and Chikhale P. (2007) Targeting the cerebrovascular large neutral amino acid transporter (LAT1) isoform using a novel disulfide-based brain drug delivery system. Drug Delivery, 14: 25-31. PMID: 17107928.
    • Killian D. and Chikhale P. (2001) Predominant functional activity of the large, neutral amino acid transporter (LAT1) isoform at the cerebrovasculature. Neuroscience Letters, 306: 1-4. PMID: 11403943.
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    Areas of Interest and/or Experience

    Integration of technology with hospital pharmacy practice
    Customized report development and data management