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  • Motor Pool and University Vehicle Use


    Jicola Sturgis

    Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm (except University holidays)

    Phone:  (410) 651-6652 • Fax: (410) 651-7918

    Motor Pool Manager:  Jicola Sturgis

    Motor Pool offers a range of transportation-related services to the University. The goal of Motor Pool is to provide the University community with quality, convenient and cost-effective vehicle services.

    University Vehicle Information


    Fleet Vehicle Rental

    The Motor Pool fleet includes passenger sedans, 12- and 15-passenger vans, and Shuttle buses to meet the transportation needs of the University community.

    Vehicle requests may be made by completing the appropriate departmental Leave Request Form, obtaining the appropriate approvals, and submitting it to the Fleet Office via fax or interoffice mail.

    Rental of University owned vehicles is based on first- come first-served basis. A vehicle may be rented for official University business only. The driver of the vehicle must be an employee, student or official volunteer in their department, and cleared through the Motor Vehicle Administration and fleet services. University vehicles are only permitted to be driven within a 500 mile radius of the University. If a vehicle is unavailable, one will be eligible for non- availability funds.

    Rental of 12- and 15- passenger vans requires driver training.  The driver must successfully complete a passenger van driver course given by the motor pool.  Training courses will be conducted as needed and when schedules permit. It is suggested that a size be limited to ten (10) trainees, when possible. Training will consist of:

    • Driving skills, evaluation
    • Vehicle inspection procedures
    • Driver checklist sign-off and certification procedures (including the fueling of the vehicle and the cleanliness of it).

    Fuel Service

    A fueling station for University vehicles is located in the Physical Plant fleet yard; only Motor Pool staff are authorized to re-fuel University vehicles for customers.

    Vehicle Maintenance / Repair

    Maintenance and Repair Request

    Motor Pool is a full-service vehicle maintenance and repair facility. It performs all preventive maintenance and routine repairs for University vehicles. Work is performed based on manufacturer recommendations and in accordance with State requirements.  Services provided include:

    • Interior and exterior detailing
    • Oil and Filter Changes
    • Tire Rotations
    • Tune-ups
    • Wiper blade replacement
    • All types of engine repair
    • Lubrication
    • Mandatory Safety Inspections
    • Emissions inspections
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) Inspections
    • and MORE