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2015 Beatus Award-Alex Georgiou

  • We are proud to announce Alex Georgiou as the recipient of the 2015 Joseph Beatus Award for Excellence in Patient-Centered Care. Alex was nominated by two different Clinical Instructors. 

    Here are some comments from Alex's nominators;

    • Alex's ability to preform evaluations was truly remarkable. She demonstrated confidence in her skills. More notably, her Clinical Instructor stated: "this student" was my 23rd student, and speaking from experience, she was one of the sharpest students I've ever had regarding her evaluation and critical thinking skills. This Clinical Instructor went on to say: I's one thing to "walk the walk" with professionals, but another with peers.
    • Alex established creative treatment plans to not only meet the neds of the patients, but to also make their therapy enjoyable. She rarely repeated activities between sessions, always coming up with new challenges for her patients. She established great relationships with her patients, and had a lasting impression on them. There are even some patients who still talk with her months later.
    • Alex worked with patients with a variety of neurological conditions...a challenging patient population, Alex was unflappable. She never displayed anxiety or frustration in new situations, and handled herself gracefully in all circumstances. This allowed her patients to always feel comfortable working with her.

    The comments below came from a Captain in the Air Force and a PT nicknamed the "Colonel" due to her stringent demands from students.

    • "Simply put, she'd make a great Air Force PT!
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