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2016 Beatus Award- Alexa Yancy

  • Alex Yancy
    Alex Yancy

    Alexa Yancy is the recipient of the 2016 Joseph Beatus Award for Excellence in Patient-Centered Care. Alexa has been an excellent student during her didactic coursework but where she really shines is in the clinical setting. All of Alexa's Clinical Instructors have raved about her empathy, work ethic and dependability from early on.

    Alexa was nominated not only by her Clinical Instructor but by multiple patients. Alexa embodies the Joseph Beatus Award of Excellence in Patient-Centered Care through advocacy for patients. The patients were extremely grateful and appreciative of her abilities.

    Here are just a few comments for her nominators;

    •  This patient was a family physician and was shocked to learn that Alexa was not a practicing PT due to her confidence. Alexa gave reassurance to the patient and he stated that it was fun to refresh his knowledge and challenge some of hers, which she never failed. She is clearly knowledgeable in all aspects of PT and the rehab process...I saw her interact with other patients and knew she was genuine with all ranges of disability and needs. I know that if Alexa was in my referral area, she would be one of the few PT's I would recommend by name to my patients. Her skills and knowledge reflect greatly on herself and on the UMES Department of Physical Therapy that has trained her.
    • "She made me feel well listened to and respected and was able to gently push my performance at each visit in a charming way. She always took my feedback and concerns into consideration while working with me."
    • The last comment from Alexa's Clinical Instructor: "She always finds a way to related to patients and makes them feel comfortable. She gains their trust, is very attentive, and is thorough in her explanations in their care."

    Congratulations Alexa!  

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