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2021 Joseph Beatus Award - Conor Walsh

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                                        Conor Walsh

    The second Joseph Beatus Award for Excellence in Patient-Centered Care was presented to Conor Walsh.

    Conor was nominated by both Clinical Instructors, Mr. Donald Abaria, an acute care therapist at the University of Maryland Midtown Campus and Mrs. Jane Cunningham, a clinic owner of La Plata Physical Therapy.

    Conor is humble, intuitive, thoughtful, and mature. Comments made by his Clinical Instructors:

    Conor was thorough in all aspects of patient care and even reached out to patient’s family members to determine PLOF and cognitive status for the best POC for each patient. Conor excels at patient care, is very knowledgeable, and demonstrates polite mannerisms with each patient and the interprofessional team. Conor encapsulates excellent core values of honesty and integrity. In addition, Conor is described as incredibly patient, empathetic and just a good person.

    The outpatient therapist described Conor as having a gentle manner in treating his patients and is always “present” with each patient. He really listens to both patients and other colleagues.  Conor has an excellent ability to apply his didactic knowledge in manual skills learned at UMES. Conor considers imaging results, current research, and didactic knowledge with all treatments. Patients quickly trust Conor with their care. The outpatient therapist reflected on three instances in which Conor exemplified the parameters of the Beatus award. First, a phone call from a patient’s mother regarding how her son was very reluctant to attend PT sessions until he started working with Conor. Second, a female patient commended Conor for following a very detailed protocol following her ankle surgery and working carefully to help her meet each goal that had been set. Finally, a patient’s daughter explained how her mother was very particular about who she worked with and was finally making improvements following modifications of the home and other aspects related to the patient’s safety. Overall, Conor excelled with a wide variety of challenging patients, staying late and arriving early and will be an excellent Physical Therapist.

    Congratulations Conor, one of the two 2021 recipients of the UMES Department of Physical Therapy Joseph Beatus Award for Excellence in Patient-Centered Care! 



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