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2021 Outstanding Service Award-Zenobia Knight

  • Zenobia Knight 2021

    Zenobia Knight, PT, MBA, CIS, RAC-CT

    Zenobia has more than 35 years of experience in the field of physical therapy. Her background includes
    clinical programming, staff training, auditing medical records and treating diverse patient populations.
    In her role as a quality and recovery specialist, Zenobia appealed denied claims, performed data
    analysis, reported on audit results and quality improvement trends, and developed quality improvement
    plans to address deficits noted during audits. Her auditing experience includes RUGS IV and PDPM
    MDS/CMI audits, outpatient therapy documentation audits, long term acute care hospital
    documentation audits, therapy scheduling and operational assessment audits and inpatient skilled
    nursing facility therapy audits. Zenobia is part of a larger team involved in conducting audits for
    providers under Corporate Integrity Agreements. She has experience writing Occupational Safety and
    Health Administration (OSHA) policies and procedures using the Code of Federal Regulation standards as
    a reference. Zenobia has extensive knowledge in rehabilitation telehealth to include billing and coding,
    documentation requirements, and clinical best practices.
    As an expert witness, Zenobia has defended claims denials for clients before the U.S. Department of
    Justice, as well as written expert opinions for defense and plaintiff. These expert reports involve opining
    on negligence, clinical quality practice standards and evidenced based practice as it relates to ethical
    provider services delivered in the physical therapy sphere. When conducting onsite therapy systems
    assessments, Zenobia interacts with the interdisciplinary teams, reviewing the overall operations and
    compliance of therapy departments in skilled nursing facilities.
    In her role as a clinical specialist, Zenobia was responsible for auditing PT/OT/ST charts for medical
    necessity, regulatory compliance, and accuracy of ICD-10 and CPT coding. She conducted mock surveys
    of therapy departments in preparation for state and federal surveys and has extensive knowledge of
    PPS, PDPM, MDS, Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, and bundled payments. As a regulatory
    clinical specialist of one of the largest skilled nursing providers in the country, Zenobia developed QI/QA
    plans for area leadership teams and served as project leader in the technical revision of a medical
    necessity audit tool.
    She has been a part-time lecturer at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, since 1993; teaching the
    physical therapy administration course. Zenobia transitioned the course from a traditional live-in-
    classroom format to a synchronous web-based instruction.
    Zenobia served in the United States Army where she was awarded a direct commission and served five
    years on active duty. She advanced in rank from second lieutenant to captain and was later promoted to
    major while in the U.S. Army Reserve. Zenobia was responsible for the supervision of enlisted personnel
    and had a clinical emphasis on sports medicine and neuro-musculoskeletal evaluations.
    Zenobia holds a Bachelor of Science in physical therapy from Howard University, a Bachelor of Science in
    computer information systems from University of West Florida, and an MBA from Monmouth
    University. She has completed hours towards a transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy program and is
    certified as a Resident Assessment Coordinator.

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